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Poisoning prevention measures for maintenance and operation in containers

① any operation inside containers such as tanks and towers must be applied for dangerous work and approved

② effective safety isolation measures must be taken to prevent poisoning casualties caused by toxic media entering due to lax valve closure or misoperation

③ replacement and ventilation should be done well

④ analyze the toxic gas content as required and meet the relevant regulations

⑤ ericospini must be equipped, indicating that the specified protective equipment should be worn. For those who are really dangerous (1) steel bars, gas masks should be worn

⑥ operators entering the container must wear safety belts, and special personnel must be assigned outside the device for various utilization and supervision. The guardian must stick to the post, and the plasticity data may change within 20~30%

⑦ strictly carry out regular (30-40 minutes) rotation operation. Once there are slight signs of poisoning such as dizziness, nausea and discomfort, they must be evacuated in time to prevent the accident from expanding

⑧ there must be backup measures for rescue. In order to timely, quickly and correctly give first aid to the poisoned and properly handle the accident site, save the lives of the poisoned and reduce losses

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