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Pohu cloud computing center, the world's first public cloud with open source technology, was opened. On May 26, China's Pohu cloud computing center, the world's first public cloud with open source technology jointly built by Oracle, Dell and Huawei, the world's top 500 companies, officially started operations in the national software industry base of Nanchang high tech Zone. This means that Jiangxi cloud computing is in the forefront of the country

in the past two years, what is cloud computing that has become so popular in China in further mobilizing the enthusiasm of businesses? How does it relate to our life? Why should Nanchang build a cloud computing industry? With a series of question marks, he made an in-depth visit

first, what is cloud computing

"computer cloud" absorbs huge resources

Nanchang's "cloud" plan is fully promoted by the government. The first phase of China Pohu cloud computing center has a total investment of 30million yuan and a construction area of 3000 square meters. It is fully invested by Nanchang high tech Zone. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the total investment is expected to reach 200million yuan

what is cloud computing? According to the introduction, cloudcomputing is a supercomputing mode based on interconnection. In the remote data center, thousands of computers and huge server clusters distributed all over the country are connected into a large, shaped like a computer cloud; Based on open standards and services and centered on the Internet, it provides safe, fast and convenient data storage and network computing services, making this "cloud" a data center and Computing Center for everyone. You can enjoy the convenience brought by cloud computing with only one device available. Because the resources of "cloud" can be infinitely expanded, and can be obtained at any time, paid on demand or free of charge, some operators even call it infrastructure used like hydropower

access network users can access it at any time

Wu Yujiang, deputy director of the Management Committee of Nanchang high tech Zone, said more intuitively: "just like Beijing library has millions of book resources, Shanghai Library also has millions of book resources, but both are independent systems, cloud computing is better than the integration of massive information resources across the country and even around the world." Then, as long as users can access the network, they can access resources at any time

Second, why should Nanchang build a "cloud"

build a cloud platform to reduce resource waste

globally, it giants such as Microsoft and IBM are carrying out cloud computing research and development, while cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Wuxi are at the forefront of the cloud computing industry in China. Why should Nanchang, an inland city, build a cloud computing industry? Wu Yujiang said, "although science and technology are now very developed, world-renowned enterprises can provide a lot of advanced software and hardware, but for many enterprises, the reuse rate is not high. A new start-up company will spend a lot of money to buy office buildings, equipment and servers, which will cost at least 2-5 million yuan."

in fact, the physical storage resources, computing resources, network resources, etc. of enterprises and governments are purchased according to the peak situation, and the daily utilization rate is less than 20%. The elastic expansion and on-demand use of cloud computing enable enterprises to effectively save the investment of enterprises in IT infrastructure without building a large number of IT infrastructure, and further save the waste of power and other resources caused by excess capacity it

it is enough for enterprises to buy computers without computer rooms

Nanchang's development of cloud computing is to attract enterprises to use this platform to reduce a lot of unnecessary investment. Enterprises can rent office buildings. They don't have to spend their efforts to build computer rooms and buy servers and other software and hardware. They just need to buy office computers, or even just buy Monitors

third, the "cloud" industry can also make money

the "Pohu cloud" plan has more than 40 sub platforms

Wu Yujiang makes no secret that the performance meets the relevant standards. Many citizens and even government staff do not know about cloud computing and service outsourcing industries, and believe that industrialized projects are the only indicator of stimulating the economy. Everyone likes to see the roar of machines and the continuous flow of products from the production line, "In fact, now we have entered an era of very subtle specialization. With the development of networks, more and more jobs need to be provided, and cloud computing also belongs to the category of outsourcing."

According to the relevant person in charge of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., one of the cloud computing contractors, Pohu cloud computing center has planned more than 40 sub cloud platforms. Such as digital high-tech cloud platform, enterprise integrated service information cloud platform, intellectual property cloud platform, e-commerce cloud platform, e-government cloud platform, security cloud platform, telemedicine and health cloud platform, logistics cloud platform, outsourcing talent training cloud platform, urban management and supervision cloud platform, flood control cloud platform, urban emergency command cloud platform, customer call center cloud platform, etc

more than 20 enterprises became "Pohu cloud" users

on May 26, at the launching ceremony of Pohu cloud computing center, Neusoft group, a well-known domestic software enterprise, became the first user. Not only that, a number of companies are also interested in Jiangxi cloud computing

"no matter what type of enterprise, its later development is facing information upgrading. KFC used to do store marketing, and has opened 400 meal delivery services in recent years. Many enterprises such call centers are outsourced to other companies to operate. KFC is also negotiating with us." Wu Yujiang revealed that more than 20 enterprises have become users of "Pohu cloud"

IV. convenience brought by "cloud"

100 experts diagnose a patient

enterprises can enjoy the benefits of cloud computing in advance, and cloud computing will also make ordinary people's lives more convenient and interesting

taking the "telemedicine and health cloud" platform as an example, Nanchang people can enjoy the services of famous hospitals and doctors in Beijing without going out. No matter which hospital they go to, they only need to achieve it through a virtual electronic medical record, and they can also accumulate their own medical records before and after. At the same time, the telemedicine service network built through the cloud computing platform can allow a Nanchang patient to face the diagnosis of 100 experts at the same time

people can know the situation at home when they are not at home

in addition, take the security cloud, a sub project of cloud computing, for example. At present, the most commonly used security system in enterprises and families is to install alarms. After thieves destroy the access control system, the alarms will sound. If you enable the security cloud, it is completely another scene. In addition to the refrigerator and computer at home, you can monitor whether someone has broken in, you can also monitor the abnormal situation through the monitoring device installed at the door, and then the monitoring device will send the information to you through the terminals such as the force required to expand and tear it by hand, and you can even use video to talk to the suspect or alarm

therefore, cloud computing is not a cold technical product. In the future, it will be the only tool in China that can process qualified Charpy impact specimen gaps in addition to optical curve grinder. It is inseparable from our daily life. Information

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