Po imports to Saudi Arabia and Thailand increased

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In October, Po imports from Saudi Arabia and Thailand increased. This article added

on December 9 for the first time according to the requirements of inspection and testing - the overall trend of the domestic Po Market in October showed first rise and then decline, and showed a stable trend at the end of the month. The demand side was still flat and stable, and there was no lack of negative news such as the lack of purchasing enthusiasm, which increased the bearish mentality of insiders and increased the low trend. At the beginning of the month, the market trend was more stable and positive. After the long holiday, the market maintained a stable operation. During the long holiday, due to the overall reduction of the installation and operation load, the external sales volume was affected, which made individual production enterprises negotiate price increases. The favorable clearing time was very short, and continued until the festival appeared brittle or unstable toughness. However, the "silver ten" is weak. The restart of processing multiple sets after maintenance, as well as the entry of new production capacity into the market, have significantly increased the supply side, making the focus of negotiations in the market unable to sort out the range. Orders are the main focus, and preferential measures are presented. In the last ten days of the month, the manufacturers' offer was reduced actively, and the unstable production and sales made them actively ship goods to avoid the increase of inventory pressure

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