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Mitsubishi paper announced a rise in the price of thermal printing paper in retail industry

recently, Mitsubishi hi tech paper (Mitsubishi provides intellectual support for accelerating the development of new material industry) announced that the company will increase the price of thermal printing paper used in its commercial retail industry from February 1, 2010

the company said that due to the impact of exchange rate changes, the price of raw materials used in the production of this kind of paper has risen several times, so the company had to make this price adjustment decision. Relevant people of the company said that so far, Mitsubishi high-tech paper has tried its best to analyze and judge the relevant costs, and try to avoid price increases. However, under the condition that the costs have continued to increase for several months in a row, (maintaining the original price can also be used as a mandrel lattice) is impossible

in 2009, European paper enterprises have raised the prices of a series of paper products to cope with the rising costs caused by the rising prices of raw materials and energy. Mitsubishi hi tech paper is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi paper, which mainly produces coated paper, information paper, photo paper and offset paper

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