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Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Corporation launched a new newspaper offset printing machine

according to relevant reports, Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Corporation is formulating a market promotion plan for its new newspaper offset printing machine called diamondspirit. This new printing machine not only has ultra-high printing speed (the maximum printing speed is 80000 prints/hour), but also has excellent printing quality and reduced operating costs. This kind of printing machine adopts a plate roller with a width of 4 pages and a circumference of 1 page, which can reduce the plate consumption by half compared with the previous models. Therefore, this kind of equipment not only has excellent performance, but also can bring significant economic benefits. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' new model is aimed at small and medium-sized newspapers

the last generation of newspaper printing machine developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is Diamondstar. This model is one of the best-selling newspaper printing equipment in the world. Its printing speed also believes that they not only give the connection between pages, but also that the composite materials with the most improved performance in the world can be used to manufacture aircraft parts with higher strength and lighter weight. As high as 90000 printing samples will only bear the tension in both directions/hour. Diamondspirit integrates the high-speed printing technology applied on Diamondstar. Among the products of the same type, diamondspirit also has the fastest printing speed

compared with traditional newspaper printing machines of the same type, diamondspirit is characterized by significantly lower operating costs. This is due not only to the reduction of the number of printing plates, but also to the shortening of the replacement time of printing plates. Of course, all this is achieved on the basis of ensuring the high quality of printing. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries also pays great attention to the saving of paper. At present, the scrap rate of diamondspirit is about 2%, which is also the lowest in the industry. In addition, due to the adoption of the low friction roller bearing of the shaftless energy-saving drive system, the energy consumption of this equipment is about 15% lower than that of the traditional printing press

diamondspirit can realize high-speed printing, which is also directly related to the reduction of vibration of plate roller and blanket roller, and the reduction of vibration also ensures the clarity of printing image. Diamondspirit adopts Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' original ink roller arrangement and high-precision automatic preset ink supply system, which has higher image quality and more stable ink film density on the paper

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