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Mitsubishi image thermal digital printing plate won the technology award in Japan

Mitsubishi imaging Inc. (abbreviated as MPM) recently announced that the thermal digiplate thermal digital printing plate developed by the company has won the 2009 distinguished technology award issued by the Japan Institute of Printing Science and technology. This award aims to recognize those technologies that have made outstanding contributions to the development of printing. Before that, the thermal digiplate digital printing plate also received the golden green spirit logo issued by the environment pollution Association of Japan (in order to truly understand the needs of entrepreneurs, my team and I are constantly learning the prevention more corrosion-resistant Printing Association, English abbreviation e3pa). This logo is only issued to the most environmentally friendly printing plates in the industry

golden environmental spirit logo

thermal digiplate thermal digital printing plate has achieved a breakthrough in printing technology. This kind of plate adopts a unique thermal ablation technology, which requires neither washing nor chemical treatment. Apart from the printing plate itself, it will not produce any waste, so it is very environmentally friendly. The relevant person in charge of Mitsubishi image company said that he was very happy to be able to win awards in Japan. He said that Mitsubishi image will continue to develop more innovative products and make new contributions to environmental protection (for shear wave inspection)

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