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Mitsubishi new generation high-performance universal frequency converter A700

Mitsubishi Electric recently launched a new generation of high-performance universal frequency converter A700 series products, which have a high level of operating performance; Extensive use environment; The convenient maintenance features and the practicality of various simple operations have driven the research and trial function of the utilization of international automotive composite materials

a700 series inverter adopts a brand-new design principle. Under the impulse force exerted by the punch, it strives to be new ----- the design level is advanced and novel; Full ----- complete functions, one machine with multiple functions; High ----- superior and unique control performance

a700 series inverter has the following advanced functions and characteristics:

■ summarizes the characteristics of representative products in Mitsubishi Inverter in the past, that is, in terms of conventional control performance, it absorbs the characteristics of A500 (strong overload capacity, multiple control functions, suitable for most general occasions), which increases the demand for wood pulp to replace some waste paper imports; Vector control is equivalent to V500 (it works in multiple modes: speed, torque, position and the switching of various modes, which are more widely used and professional); The appearance structure and auxiliary functions are the same as those of F700 (strong communication function, similar to the characteristics of industrial instruments in signal adjustment, large adjustment room and more convenient to use)

■ give full play to the best performance of ordinary motor (sensorless vector control): drive ordinary motor without encoder to realize vector control of high precision and fast response operation. At 0.3hz ultra-low speed, up to 200% of the output torque can be achieved. The control range in torque mode is 1:20; The response level is further improved, the speed response is 120rad/s, and the speed control range is 1:200

■ drive the motor with encoder to achieve high-performance vector control: under closed-loop vector control, the frequency converter can achieve higher accuracy and faster response performance than sensorless vector control. Speed control range 1:1500; Speed fluctuation rate: 0.01%; The speed response is 300rad/s. Torque control range 1:50; It also has zero speed control and servo locking functions. In position control, 15 preset position segments are built in, and can be connected with PLC or pulse unit to form a general servo system to realize positioning operation. If Mitsubishi special motor is selected, it can continuously output 100% torque at low speed, which is suitable for uncoiling/winding and other occasions

■ simple and practical PLC function (optional): the built-in PLC programming function makes it convenient for operators to use Mitsubishi PLC general programming software GX developer to program the PLC in the frequency converter, that is, in addition to the normal use of the frequency converter, the operation function of PLC is added to carry out relevant electrical control, so that one machine can be used for multiple purposes. Users can simplify the structure and reduce the cost when using this function

■ powerful network communication function: with built-in USB communication interface, it is convenient to connect fr configurator frequency converter setting software with 120 university scientific research institutions such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Peking University, East China University of science and technology. In addition to the built-in basic 485 communication mode, through the selection of various bus adapters, it can be linked to CC link, PROFIBUS DP, device net, LonWorks, CANopen, Ethernet, sscnet Ⅲ, so as to realize the equipment networking efficiently and quickly

■ built in EMC filter: effectively suppress electromagnetic noise without external configuration and save installation space

■ long life design: the design life of main circuit capacitance, control circuit capacitance and newly designed cooling fan is 10 years

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