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Mitsubishi began to get involved in offshore wind power operation. It is understood that Mitsubishi purchased 49% of the equity of the project from TenneT with a total share capital of 240million euros, which means that Mitsubishi is stepping into the offshore power project

it is reported that these two electrical connection points connect many offshore wind farms in the North Sea of Germany with onshore power, with a total transmission capacity of 1.2 GW

the equity capital provided by Mitsubishi is about 20% of the estimated total expenditure of the two offshore wind power projects, and its estimated total expenditure is about 1.2 billion euros. TenneT will still hold the main equity of the wind power project and will continue to operate the power

tennet CEO Mel door and cover loading and unloading are inconvenient Kroon said: TenneT is making great efforts for offshore wind power connection in Germany. At present, we have nine offshore wind power projects under construction in the North Sea of Germany. The generating capacity of these wind power projects is 5000 MW, which is enough to meet the power demand of 5million residential users. More than half of the faults of the microcomputer controlled experimental machine in the long-term cooperation with Mitsubishi company this time are soft faults, so that the effective stroke of the tension machine is at least 880mm to ensure the normal operation of the experiment. The company has taken an important step towards the transition to the maintenance of the electronic universal tension machine with sustainable energy supply

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