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Mitsubishi increases the operating rate of polyester film devices in the United States

a spokesman for Mitsubishi Chemical Company in Japan recently announced that the company, located in Greider, South Carolina, has begun the production of experimental software written by full load tensile machine manufacturers with an annual output of 20000 tons of polyester film devices. The unit was put into operation a few weeks ago, and the current operating rate has gradually increased to full load

Mitsubishi Chemical invested nearly US $85million in the construction of this device through its subsidiary Mitsubishi polyester film company, which also has a polyester film plant with an annual output of 50000 tons in the region

the company said that due to food packaging. The demand for electronic components, video tapes and other household products increased, and the demand for polyester film in the United States exceeded the supply. Mitsubishi also has some polyester film production plants in Japan, Germany and Indonesia, with a combined capacity of 170000 tons/year. The Japanese chemical company expects global sales to reach [return] this fiscal year 500 billion yen

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