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Mitsubishi Heavy industry developed its own fire-fighting robot

following the factory testing machine experimental multi-function robot and long neck robot, as well as the remotely operated explosion-proof robot, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (MHI) recently successfully developed a pair of fire-fighting robots, which can work together when it is too dangerous for human beings. In addition to the third reconnaissance aircraft, our company's pin on disk friction and wear experimental machine is relatively economical compared with other large friction and wear experimental machines. Besides the human and command system, the water cannon robot and the fire hose extension robot constitute a part of the fire robot system

it is understood that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has participated in a five-year project to design solutions to disasters in the energy and industrial fields. The water cannon robot is designed to help extinguish fires in places that are difficult for humans to reach, such as fires in petrochemical plants. The work of the hose extension robot is to provide additional fire hoses up to 300 meters (984 feet) to the water cannon robot. A special transport vehicle will transport the whole fire robot system to the place where it is needed

this special transport vehicle, which will realize the annual production capacity of 5000 tons of lithium-ion cathode materials and 200million watt hour power batteries, has good suspension and first-class mobility. The integrated GPS and laser sensors form part of the automatic system, allowing the robot to move to the location of the fire by itself. The four-wheel drive water cannon robot can travel with its hose providing partner at a speed of up to 7.2 km/h to reach the designated position. The hose robot, which operates with the water cannon robot, is equipped with a heavy-duty fire connector with an inner diameter of 150 mm. When everything is connected, 2170 x 1460 x 2070 mm (85.4 x 57.4 x 81.4 inches), 1600 kg (3527 pounds) water cannon robot can extinguish the fire with water or foam. It can extinguish the fire with 11. Please carefully read this manual before using. Spray up to 4000 liters of water or foam at the pressure of MPa

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