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Mitsubishi pecology technology saves 4500 tons of PET raw materials per year.

HC plastic news: Mitsubishi Corporation realizes enterprise value "Wanli Bikong recently announced on behalf of its Kirin Beverage subsidiary that by using ultra light pecology technology to lighten its PET bottles, the company has saved up to 4500 tons of pet raw materials, equivalent to 100million PET bottles. The subsidiary has tried to produce a 4. Sensor: the sensor is an important part of the accuracy and force stability of the tensile testing machine. The resolution and accuracy of the curve are poor. The weight of a 2-liter PET bottle weighing 42 grams is 2/3 of that of a standard PET bottle. The company can help you to purchase the experimental machine equipment that meets your needs faster when choosing the universal experimental machine you need. In 2006, it adopted the pegology technology to expand the capacity of the existing and new PET bottle production lines on a large scale

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