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Mitsubishi Electric mp1200/2400 series WEDM machine tools are newly launched

mp1200/2400 series WEDM machine tools are ultra-high precision WEDM machine tools specially developed by Mitsubishi Electric for processing precision stamping, precision plastic molds and precision electronic parts. They are suitable for the processing of ultra-high precision molds in the fields of electronics, high-precision connectors and so on

mp1200/2400 configured nanosecond response photoelectric drive system, which echoes with the sleeve linear motor of XY axis and UV axis, can achieve high-precision axis positioning and movement, and maintain the accuracy for a long time. The step accuracy can reach 1 m. even the roundness that can best consider the accuracy of the machine tool, it can also achieve 1 m ultra-high precision processing, and greatly reduce power consumption and heat dissipation

mp1200/2400 adopts the design of mouth shaped integrated quenching workbench, which can reduce the instability of machining accuracy caused by wear and thermal deformation of the traditional stainless steel workbench. At the same time, it adopts the XY separation drive head structure of pa05sa, carries ultra-high precision linear guide rail, cooperates with the cooling unit to control the temperature of machining fluid, and adjusts with the machine body at the same temperature to reduce thermal deformation, Help this series of machine tools to achieve ultra-high precision machining

it can correspond to 45 large angle taper machining (optional), and it can be equipped with angle master advance II high-precision taper machining control software to improve the taper machining accuracy, realize the taper accuracy of 0.01, and the relevant standards of strategic emerging industries of size; 3. The standard accuracy of urban energy infrastructure is 5 m

mp1200/2400 standard is equipped with high power fs (HFS) power supply to improve the surface finish of the workpiece, but it can not be used by everyone. In addition, the optional super digital fs (SDFs) power supply can be configured, which can greatly reduce the processing energy per unit time, so as to greatly improve the surface finish of the workpiece and realize ultra-fine surface processing at the sub micron level

in addition, MP1 should not be used in occasions that touch the periodic changes of thermal or mechanical stress, high mechanical damage or contact with various chemical environments. The intelligent at automatic threading system, which is highly praised in the world, is adopted in 200/2400, which improves the threading performance of wire breaking points and automatic threading performance in water, and improves the success rate of automatic threading of high-thickness workpieces; At the same time, the highly praised three sided automatic lifting processing groove structure is adopted, which not only improves the operability of processing, but also facilitates the operation when using cranes, elevators, etc. to move large workpieces, making its structure more humanized

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