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Kingdee Inspur joined forces to jointly explore the cloud computing market. Ctiforum on September 4 (Li Wenjie): on September 3, Kingdee International Software Group Co., Ltd. (Kingdee) and Inspur Group Co., Ltd. (Inspur) announced a strategic cooperation in Beijing. The two sides will carry out comprehensive cooperation in product research and development, program integration, marketing, marketing and other fields. This is a breakthrough cooperation between two domestic heavyweight IT manufacturers. Inspur, as the only leading cloud computing manufacturer integrating software and hardware in China, and Kingdee, as the leader of China's software market, will work together to promote the technical integration and market collaboration of Inspur government cloud, domestic key host systems and Kingdee middleware Apusic series products, so as to achieve win-win cooperation

at the signing ceremony of Kingdee and Inspur strategic cooperation

based on the advantages of Inspur's unique domestic key host system in China and Kingdee's unique advantages in the field of domestic middleware, the two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in the industrial alliance of domestic host systems. China's first wave of key application hosts based on independent core technologies. Thank you for browsing! With the advent of Tissot K1 system, China has become the third country in the world to master the new generation host technology after the United States and Japan. In order to increase the demand of the cold thermal shock testing machine industry, the market is quietly changing, speed up the promotion and application of domestic hosts in key fields in China, and provide users with safe and controllable overall solutions for host systems, Inspur has led to the establishment of China's first domestic host system industry alliance for key application fields, and has widely cooperated with IT enterprises in the fields of chips, operating systems, databases, middleware, application software, etc, Build the ecological environment of domestic host system

as the preferred middleware brand in the domestic market and one of the first members of the domestic host system industry alliance, Kingdee middleware company will establish a continuous and deepened comprehensive partnership with sol-gel method of Inspur parties to turn into high-quality 3D printing wire in the field of localization, give full play to their respective advantages in market, project, product, industry and technology, and jointly build government informatization The goal of Kingdee middleware is to provide an integrated domestic solution for domestic key host systems, promote a comprehensive cooperation model in the fields of domestic informatization, cloud computing, smart city, integration and industrial chain integration, work together to strengthen the national information industry and maintain national information security, and provide a safe, reliable, autonomous and controllable architecture platform environment

in addition, the two sides will also conduct collaborative research in cloud computing, mobile Internet and other fields, explore the research and development of localized cloud platform products, and plan to jointly build joint laboratories, test centers and exhibition centers

Xu Shaochun, chairman and CEO of Kingdee International Software Group, said that Kingdee's strategic partnership with Inspur is a joint effort of two domestic IT giants with independent core technologies to explore new business models on the road of localization and independent innovation. The two sides will fully integrate in industrialization and industrial market development, and jointly promote the establishment of an open and win-win industrial ecological environment

sun Pishu, chairman and CEO of Inspur Group, said that the arrival of the cloud computing era means accelerating openness and integration. IT manufacturers need to cooperate and grow together to build a good IT industry ecological environment. This strong alliance between Inspur and Kingdee will set a model for domestic manufacturers' cooperation, lead the development trend of cooperation, and improve the technical capacity of China's information industry

Chen Qifa, general manager of Kingdee middleware Co., Ltd., said in his speech that Kingdee middleware attaches great importance to cooperation with all parties of Inspur. Middleware is an indispensable infrastructure for national information strategy to be autonomous and controllable. Kingdee middleware has the obligation to ensure national information security and fulfill the obligations of enterprise society. Kingdee middleware hopes to work with all parties in Inspur to build a safe and reliable software and hardware ecosystem, create better service value for Chinese users, and escort national information security

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