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Dawang paper will produce its own fluff pulp in the autumn of 2022. Release date: Source: Wang Yingbin translated from Japan Paper times. Views: 2046 copyright and disclaimer. Core tip: Dawang paper recently said that it would transfer the fluff pulp that has been imported so far to its own company. Fluff pulp accounts for the majority of its imported products. The wool pulp with good chemical resistance and tensile strength of cashmere peek components is made by pulp Zhongfen

King papermaking recently said that it will transfer the wool pulp that has been imported so far to its own company. Fluff pulp accounts for the majority of its imported products

fluff pulp is a cotton pulp decomposed from pulp. After mixing with polymer absorbent materials, we ask parents to design for us to produce diapers and sanitary napkins. The fracture of the broken specimen is tightly aligned with 1 equivalent absorbent product. As the raw material of bleached kraft paper, coniferous wood accounts for more than half of the imported products. In order to meet its own production of fluff pulp, Dawang paper will transform the production equipment of Mishima factory and convert the original paper production line into pulp production line. The No. 15 paper machine (with a monthly capacity of 5000t) for printing information paper will be transformed. The equipment will be discontinued in April 2022 and restarted in September after five months of modification to officially produce fluff pulp, with a monthly capacity of 7500t. The investment in this equipment transformation is about 6billion yen

through this transformation, in addition to shifting the production of paper products with declining demand to the production of fluff pulp, 100% dependence on imported fluff pulp can be solved by internal production. Dawang paper positioned absorbent products such as diapers, napkins and incontinence pads as growth areas, and regarded them as the main products of home and personal care businesses. It can be said that by realizing zero failure to improve Juxian wool pulp production, it will benefit not only Japan, but also the production plants in China and Southeast Asia, so as to strengthen the supply chain of wool pulp

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