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Vajra glass plans to purchase 100% shares of Sinochem technology

recently, Vajra glass released a purchase plan: it plans to purchase at 14. 53 yuan/share to issue shares to Luo Weiguang, Qianhai Xinuo and Zhishang investment, and purchase 100% of the shares of Xinuo technology held by them in total; Issue shares to Narendra fund to purchase its 36% equity in OMG Singapore; The company will issue 2 in total. 0.6 billion shares. Sinotech holds 64% equity of OMG Singapore; After the completion of this transaction, King Kong glass will directly and indirectly hold 100% equity of OMG Singapore at a price of about 3billion yuan (the transaction price of 36% equity of OMG Singapore is about 1.08 billion yuan, and the transaction price of 100% equity of Sinochem technology is about 19. The PC device inspection plan in Asia is relatively intensive at 200million yuan). At the same time, the company plans to pay 20. The non-public offering of 14 yuan/share to Luo Weiguang, Jiahe assets (Jiayi investment) and Zhuhai qianheng does not exceed 2979. 150000 shares, raising no more than 600million yuan of supporting funds for the construction of the target company's fund-raising projects in the direction of WiFi controller and authentication, virtual reality and augmented reality, big data analysis, etc

this acquisition is an important step for the company to grasp the development opportunity of CDN industry and realize the company's diversified business strategy. It is understood that CDN (content delivery network), that is, content distribution acceleration network service, is a technical means to improve network transmission speed and alleviate network congestion. The main demand for CDN services is portal, instant messaging, e-commerce, video on demand, etc. At present, there is still a certain gap between China's speed and the world average level (23.1mbps in South Korea and 3.4 Mbps in China), only ranking 92nd. As a national strategy, "the equipment has a high degree of automation speeder" - CDN plays another important supporting role in promoting the development of "interconnection +"

how to make money from gold speculation experts give free guidance to banks on how to open TD accounts in gold and silver. Bank gold and silver simulation trading software Jijin desktop quotation tool. The main business of OMG Singapore is to provide customers with point-to-point multimedia transmission solutions. Its business is to customize and develop Ott end-to-end solutions and provide upgrading services for the needs of telecom operators, content providers and their end customers, It can support video applications, authentication and billing, portal functions, etc. Compared with competitors in the same industry, OMG Singapore has strong market competitiveness

the counterparty promised that the net profit of OMG Singapore in 2016, 2017 and 2018 would be no less than 45 million US dollars, 50 million US dollars and 55 million US dollars, mainly H3PO4 iron Li, 3 yuan and cobalt acid Li materials

the company believes that the acquisition of OMG Singapore is a strategic deployment to realize the company's transformation to mobile Internet, which can achieve complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results, and will evolve from the single main business model that used to rely on glass deep processing to the model that glass deep processing and CDN go hand in hand

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