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Kingscada3.1 won the 2011 excellent product award

the 2011 science and technology award ceremony of the China instrumentation society was grandly held at the opening dinner of miconex2011 on August 30. The high-end industrial general configuration software kingscada3.1 of Beijing Yakong Technology Development Co., Ltd. won the 2011 excellent product award of China instrumentation society. The award was approved by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, authorized by the national science and Technology Award Office, and evaluated by the science and technology award Review Committee of the China instrumentation society. It is recognized as an authoritative award in the discipline and industry of instrumentation in China

kingscada is a high-end SCADA product for high-end and middle-end markets. It has the characteristics of integrated management, modular development, highly reusable configuration, stable performance, easy to learn and use, etc. On this basis, this product is also powerful. In addition, we have also made a configuration development environment composed of graphical development tools for the voting activities of the most beautiful installers, gorgeous graphical objects, rich attribute settings, etc. for the installation work, so that you can give full play to the display of data on graphics. The modular architecture of the product breaks through the limitations of region and site size, and realizes deployment more flexibly. At the same time, this modular software structure not only improves the development efficiency of developers, but also makes it easier for field operators to maintain the system, so as to reduce costs and ensure the safe and stable operation of the whole system. In addition, the product will build an open data platform to integrate any control system, remote terminal system, database, history database and other enterprise information systems, which will better provide a strong guarantee for enterprises to build a complete information system

since its introduction in 2008, this product has quickly been recognized by the majority of users and is widely used in pillar industries such as water conservancy, water supply, sewage, environmental protection, transportation, metallurgy, wind power, thermoelectricity, coal, petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas, aerospace and so on. For production enterprises, kingscada can obtain the data information in the production process in real time, and display it in the form of visual display in the process of trying to produce more flexible printing ink by researchers in the computer science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, so as to realize the transparency of the workshop production process and form a visible execution force; For production operators, the visual graphics, data reports, trend curves and other communication platforms provided by kingscada reduce the difficulty of operation, and the force resolution can almost reach 1 in 100000, improving the production efficiency; For enterprise managers, a large number of historical data and subsequent statistical reports provide a basis for scheduling production and making decisions; For system integrators, using kingscada can greatly improve work efficiency and save the development cost of software

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