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Wang Tianmiao: strengthen the research on embedded software and robots

Wang Tianmiao, Dean of the school of mechanical engineering automation, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

at the 2008 China Annual Conference on electronic technology, Wang Tianmiao, Dean of the school of mechanical engineering automation, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, pointed out that the development of embedded technology comes from the needs of single-chip computers, DSP, real-time operating systems and so on The interdisciplinary integration of industrial control and other scholars. At present, new embedded multi-core processors, FPGA embedded system design, embedded software reconfigurable engineering design methods, mobile computing and network detection are becoming new research directions and development hotspots

embedded technology is gradually replacing the market team based on PC to support market development, and the traditional computer system discipline and application of entrepreneurial "accelerator", which is forming a market demand of hundreds of billions of yuan and gradually entering the post PC era. He said that according to the statistics of relevant consulting companies in the UK, the hardware market is expected to be more than $70 billion in 2009, while the software market is only about $3.5 billion. However, the growth rate of software is very fast, which is due to the rapid growth of industries such as, digital television, smart home and automotive electronics

embedded technology has several development prospects in industry in the future: the combination of industrial wireless technology and instrumentation, wireless sensor network and detection, industrial robots, etc. Wang Tianmiao said that according to the data of Japanese consulting companies, the embedded software market will be about $60billion in 2025. These technologies are now penetrating into industrial robots, military and other aspects, and begin to move towards families in large numbers. Among them, the most obvious is the embedded system related to home care beds, which can automatically help people turn over and automatically respond to people's needs. For example, electronic robots that accompany and communicate with the elderly will appear in the next 10 years

embedded software is more and more widely used in the robot field, but there are also many problems. At present, each robot manufacturer has its own system structure, and has successfully developed a variety of robot product structures that are used in various processes of the tire industry, without unified standards and platforms; Robot software is specialized and complex. Due to the lack of a unified platform, relevant application manufacturers are unable to develop a large number of different application software and cannot enter the robot market; The long product development cycle and a large number of repeated applications have also seriously hindered the development of robot industrialization

Wang Tianmiao said that the development of robot industry is also facing challenges: diversified hardware platforms; Lack of reusability; The technology is too complex and requires the experience of experts; Limited development tools and technical means; It is difficult to provide practical solutions; The development experience and technology are lack of effective transmission means. The design and synthesis of new 2-amine and the research of functional polyimide; Lack of key applications to promote the development of the industry

Americans want to develop robots like PCs, and their goal has always been to dominate the future windows platform. Because they saw that the PC was small enough to be put into the pocket, small enough to be installed on the wall and bed. In order to occupy this position, robot oriented robotisco is specially developed. At the same time, Japan and South Korea are also thinking about whether they can develop various robot modules through middleware, so that it can be used on different robots

Wang Tianmiao said that from the perspective of the development process of single-chip computers, the Chinese people want to occupy an important position in the next 10 or 20 years. They should work hard on the method of system design, the method of computer software core design, and the chip. Therefore, the first is to implement the separation of application software and service software, or real-time control software; The second is to separate the module from the robot. He said that he did not want to use Microsoft's system. At present, Microsoft's robotisco library is large and can support such technology, but it can't download some things to robots. At present, it is only simulation, and it requires high real-time, so I wonder if we can start with the core embedded software and develop a development environment based on graphic planning integration

on this issue, we should first separate the layering of applications and real-time control systems from the above applications, so that we can master the core robot oriented operating system to be developed: the first is the inner real-time control system, the second is the control building system, and the third is the corresponding application system. The purpose of this is to provide support for the future robot industry in China

there is no unified standard platform among robot manufacturers

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