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King of China's precision machinery: a device has been sold for 40million, and there is no competitor in China at present.

king of China's precision machinery: a device has been sold for 40million, and there is no competitor in China at present. The new standard is based on the old standard.

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original title: King of China's precision machinery: a device has been sold for 40million, and there is no competitor in China at present.

with AI chips, 5g chips The rise of downstream industries such as automotive electronics and IOT is currently vigorously developing the semiconductor industry in China. The core equipment lithography machine is known as the Pearl on the industrial crown. Its main core supplier is the Dutch semiconductor equipment manufacturer ASML holding NV (ASML), which almost monopolizes the global high-end lithography market. EUV lithography machine is unique in the world. 7 nm and later processes rely on EUV lithography machine, and the equipment price is high, A single device is more than US $100million (about 690million yuan), and it is valuable but not available

Generally, less than 10 tons

even the semiconductor giant Intel added the Dalian IC production line and purchased the Dutch ASML lithography machine a few years ago. In order to ensure the transportation of this batch of equipment, six chartered planes were used, and the freight company called six shock absorbers and numerical control hotbeds. They should be careful when operating. It can be seen that the chip giant attaches great importance to it

a chip looks ordinary, but in fact it integrates countless circuits. To keep the lines of the circuit undisturbed on a small chip, an extremely accurate lithography machine is needed. Up to now, only a few equipment manufacturers in the world have mastered lithography technology, such as ASML, Canon, Nikon, suss, ABM, Inc. among them, ASML has a market share of up to 80% in the global Wafer Factory lithography equipment, and localization is imperative

according to the data, from the equipment demand side, the growth rate of domestic wafer manufacturing equipment market space in was 54%, 78% and 97% respectively, and the annual cumulative market space reached 25 billion yuan

there is an enterprise in China that will break this pattern. This enterprise is Huazhuo precision technology. It was founded by Professor Zhu Yu, President of the Department of mechanical engineering and doctoral supervisor of Tsinghua University, and director of the Institute of mechanical and electronic engineering. Four years ago, it successfully launched China's first dual stage prototype to meet the needs of 65 nm lithography machine, and is now moving to the 28 nm immersion lithography machine dual stage, Launched a sprint

"I'm a gyroscope. Once I stop, I will fall down. If I don't stop, I can always rotate at high speed." Zhu Yu described his state like this

since its establishment, this company has been focusing on the R & D and industrialization of integrated circuit equipment technology. It is an important component manufacturer of integrated circuit manufacturing front-end lithography machine. The R & D and industrialization of its dual workpiece table is currently in a leading position in the world. Besides ASML, a semiconductor equipment manufacturer in the Netherlands, it is the second enterprise in the world that can produce two workpieces of lithography machine. Their core strategic product is the lithography machine double worktable; Other complete equipment includes laser annealing, silicon wafer stacking, scanning interference lithography machine; The components include motion platform, EFEM, electrostatic chuck, vibration isolator, etc. In the past two years, Huazhuo precision technology signed a supply contract with Shanghai microelectronics equipment (Group) Co., Ltd. for three dry-type double workpieces. Therefore, the chain after tension test will no longer be used, with a value of 120million yuan, and the average price of each unit is more than 40million yuan

at present, the two workpiece stage of the lithography machine is mainly the two core subsystems of the lithography machine, so that the motion error is kept within 2 nm, that is, one fourth of the diameter of human hair, which is very difficult to be fine. For another vivid analogy, the verification regulations of the two "electronic universal testing machines" are more suitable for the verification frame of the electronic universal testing machine. The flight position deviation of an aircraft with a speed of 1000 km/h at any time is not more than one micron. Such extreme and precise performance indicators make the lithography machine double workpiece table a well deserved "king of precision machinery". Its manufacturing process is difficult. At present, their enterprise has no rivals in China

first of all, the combination of equipment and technology has always been the main bottleneck restricting domestic equipment from entering the large-scale production line. International semiconductor equipment manufacturers, especially the key front-end equipment manufacturers closely related to the process, have invested heavily in process research and development. Some analysts believe that there is still a long way to go before domestic high-end equipment can fully enter the market

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