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Nantian building is located in Guangzhou Tianhe Industrial Park, and the second floor of its north block is the office space of guangha communication. Different from some enterprises, in terms of spatial layout, the middle is the place where the company employees usually work, and there are many conference rooms of different sizes around

it is reported that the problems that need to be discussed or resolved at ordinary times will be solved on site in the nearby conference room. Transparent, timely and effective working methods show the special vitality of enterprises in the Pearl River Delta

in fact, the company also embodies such characteristics in information construction

first jump: natural failure

Cao liming was one of them long before Guangzhou Cable Power Plant cooperated with Harris company of the United States and changed its name to the current guangha communication. As a veteran employee of guangha communication and now the director of human resources, he is one of the witnesses of the company's informatization construction

At the end of 1980s, guangha communication took the lead in introducing digital program-controlled exchange products and technology in China. In 1993, the company began its first informatization exploration, but the result ended in failure

at that time, in order to operate according to the Harris model of the United States, guangha communication cooperated with an IT company in Guangzhou to carry out information construction. According to Cao liming, because the manual operation habits formed over the years are difficult to change, and everyone's work is very random, this informatization has not had a direct impact on the company's business and management level

subjectively, guangha communication did not know what it needed at that time, and its understanding of informatization was almost blank; Objectively, it companies also have no experience in helping enterprises implement informatization. Many processes and modules are done at the same time, and the time span before and after is up to twoorthree years

"naturally, the first informatization construction went to failure." Cao Li 2) type inspection should be carried out when there is one of the following situations: many customers think so. Ming said that the initial failure lesson told guangha communication that only when the enterprise itself is prepared, can informatization achieve its initial purpose. The success of the system depends to a large extent on the understanding and digestion of the information system by the enterprise itself

the second jump: so close to success

paid the tuition, but fell into a big fight. The initial information construction came to a phased end in 1995. However, there are gains and losses in everything. From guangha communication, we learned that being practical, usable and easy to use is the most basic requirement of the company for the information system; Using it well is the ultimate goal of the company's information system operation

the informatization construction of guangha communication has not stopped. Since 1996, guangha communication has cooperated with a software company in the United States to introduce its MRP system to guide its production management

in December of that year, guangha communication began to implement the MRP system. Three months after paralleling with the previous immature system, the MRP system was officially launched in May 1997

Shen Zexiong of the company's procurement department participated in this process at that time. He said that in general, the second informatization construction was successful. After the company launched the MRP system, the informatization process was formulated in combination with the characteristics of information flow. From the initial network construction, to the collection and storage of electronic information, the electronic management of production and operation data, the combination of financial data and business processes, and the auxiliary decision-making management, this system has played its due role until 2003

it is reported that Harris of the United States also used the information system of this supplier at the beginning, and guangha communication is similar to the model of the United States, so it hopes to transplant it to China. However, due to the different local characteristics, the company also abandoned some inappropriate functions in the original system according to its own needs, and developed some data mining tools with its own characteristics

"products have their own life cycle. Because the original system uses DOS version and fixed database, it cannot expand infinitely and cannot meet the actual needs of the enterprise. At the same time, the MRP system at that time cannot be integrated with the financial software, and the business data cannot be transferred to the financial system to automatically generate financial vouchers. The enterprise adopts the way of making vouchers manually, which greatly increases the workload of the financial department..." Shen Zexiong said that when the system was running smoothly until 2003, the company had two options: first, the supplier should upgrade the original system data platform smoothly; The second is to seek large software enterprises to rebuild information platforms. "Due to the high cost of system construction and follow-up services, the company did not make such a choice in terms of cost."

in the fierce market competition, how to find a new technology system as soon as possible and integrate the previous information resources has become the top priority of guangha communication

with the short chain of isooctyl acrylate suspended at the top, the company's demand for ERP surfaced

in addition, the third jump: go international with suppliers

if the informatization construction of the second stage of guangha communication is spontaneous, then choosing to cooperate with ERP suppliers and adhere to the development direction of informatization can be said to be a conscious move of the company

after years of experience accumulation, Cao Liming believes that ERP is not only an ideological management, but also an effective tool to reflect management ideas. Enterprises think more about: what does ERP mean in guangha company? How can the company embody such an idea in the application process? Therefore, the company first learns the content of ERP, finds its own needs, and then chooses to implement ERP system

from entering the conference room of guangha communication, Dr. Li began to keep taking notes and listening attentively to the lessons or experiences of users in informatization. As a researcher of the Central Research Institute of Kingdee software company, he often had face-to-face exchanges with customers and heard a lot of high praise for the company's products, but what made him more concerned was the understanding and understanding of ERP software by enterprise users in the process of informatization

in the whole process of model selection, implementation and application, some links in the construction of guangha communication k/3 ERP system have left us a deep impression and feeling

formulate the document of technical requirements for guangha communication ERP project

when the old MRP system gradually failed to meet the requirements of the enterprise in terms of function, and the company found that

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