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Wang shuqun: exchange 1.5 million data for a "kiss of space"

Abstract: from silent research to striving to break through self initiative and going out for communication; From a small technician who twists screws to the youngest super technician in China, Wang shuqun said that it seems to span a lot, but ultimately it comes from a love

the vast universe, with stars shining. This equipment is suitable for copper plastic plates for building curtain walls and indoor and outdoor decoration. Many astronauts can't help looking up at the starry sky and looking for "stars" made in China. Wang shuqun, the youngest special technician of China aerospace, with his unique skills of "precision, innovation, accuracy and speed", brought out a highly skilled manned Aerospace assembly team, which also made him a leader in the general assembly front of manned Aerospace Engineering - "the chief designer and adjuster of the docking structure of the kiss of space"

Wang shuqun in the workshop

"tighten every screw firmly"

entering the general assembly workshop, Wang shuqun first put on a white coat and hat, and received "blowing and dust cleaning" in the wind shower channel. After entering the workshop, most of the instruments wore special "dust jackets". All kinds of connectors and cables are dazzling. "There are more than 100 sensors measuring action, position and temperature in the frame, nearly 300 gears transmitting force, more than 10000 fasteners, tens of thousands of wires, connectors, seals and materials absorbing impact energy."

the quality of synchronous installation and adjustment of docking lock system determines whether astronauts can survive in space and return to the ground safely, which is the top priority of rendezvous and docking tasks. At the initial stage of development, after the assembly and adjustment of the docking lock system has been tested for at most three times for separation and sealing, the separation angular velocity cannot meet the synchronization requirements, and the data changes are irregular, which has become a roadblock on the development of the docking mechanism

With rich practical experience, Wang shuqun first put forward the idea that "it can also avoid material aging caused by high temperature and chemicals. The synchronism of butt lock is related to the tension of steel wire rope and the rotation angle of rope sheave, but it is more closely related to the hook spacing of lock hook". He developed a number of test plans, trying to measure the hook spacing, wire rope tension and sheave angle corresponding to 12 locks for each rotation of the wire rope fastening nut of each lock. After repeating hundreds of times per degree, he obtained a set of effective values. In as many as 1.5 million data, he extracted the variable relationship between the rotation angle of the wire rope fastening nut and the hook spacing, wire rope tension and sheave angle, The corresponding table of assembly and adjustment for each change of 1 degree is formed, which can not only make the docking lock system of flexible transmission quickly and accurately adjust to synchronization, but also improve the synchronization stability from the initial 3 times to more than 50 times

"in our industry, we should have solid basic skills and endure loneliness. A lot of work starts with screwing a screw". Wang shuqun graduated from the technical school as a fitter and has been engaged in the assembly and maintenance of tooling and molds for seven or eight years. Without a high degree, some just tighten each screw firmly and assemble each tooling product to ensure that the product production is not affected by tooling problems. These cold objects, in his hands, are like talking creatures. He talked with them heartily, and he knew every disposition of them well, so that he could know at a glance which parts were produced by what kind of machine tools and processing methods

create the Chinese dream in outer space

in 1995, Wang shuqun officially began the development of manned space models. He is good at driving the axis of photoelectric encoder to change the brain and hands. He led the research and development of more than 50 sets of special equipment, which can be divided into lyotropic (llcp) and thermotropic (TLCP), so that the general assembly cycle of the docking mechanism was reduced from more than 3 months to 40 days

in early 2011, before Tiangong launch, during the last thermal vacuum test of the reliability part of the docking mechanism, it was found that the docking lock could not be unlocked normally and the two docking mechanisms could not be separated. This problem alerted all technicians on the development line, because if the problem was not solved in a short time, it would not only cause huge economic losses, but also directly affect Tiangong's launch plan

after analysis, the technician listed all failure modes, but could not judge the root of the problem for a while. They invited Wang shuqun, who was most familiar with the docking mechanism, to the scene. After understanding the fault phenomenon, Wang shuqun carried out a systematic analysis, analyzed and eliminated it one by one, found out the weakest link of the system, and soon located the problem on a transmission shaft in the lock drive, believing that the shaft had been broken and was caused by the drive overload of the ground control equipment. Later, through the decomposition and verification of the product, it was found that the shaft was indeed broken. The playback of ground equipment data also confirmed that there was overload during the test process. The problem was quickly solved, ensuring the timely realization of the Tiangong launch plan

Wang shuqun said, "Although the road to tackling key problems is long, we finally won. I have also failed and been discouraged, but in the end, the aerospace spirit inspired me, so that I did not hesitate to choose to adhere, clench my teeth, stick to my faith, and do everything possible to overcome many difficulties. After years of unremitting efforts, until the early morning of November 3, 2011, the docking mechanism we produced successfully completed the first of Shenzhou VIII and Tiangong-1 in the vast space At this time, it has been 16 years since we began to develop the production docking mechanism. "

Wang shuqun not only has deep attainments in the assembly and adjustment of docking mechanisms, but also has no reservations in educating people. He carefully summarizes the experience and lessons accumulated over the years, solidifies them into written materials, compiles them into youth worker training textbooks, and teaches his unique skills to others

from silent research to self breakthrough and active communication; From a small technician who twists screws to the youngest super technician in China, Wang shuqun said that it seems to span a lot, but ultimately it comes from a love. "As an astronaut, if you agree with the aerospace culture, you will love this job. Only if you love this job, you will have a sense, you will adhere to it, and you will innovate with persistence. This is a progressive process."

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