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The smart lock market is competing for capital to enter the Chinese market. In 2017, the sales volume of smart locks will exceed 7million sets, and by 2020, it will exceed 32million sets. At that time, it will occupy more than half of the global market. In terms of growth rate, the Chinese market is developing rapidly at an average annual growth rate of more than 50%, that is to say, in terms of growth rate, China has surpassed Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions

driven by the tide of intelligence, both at home and abroad have been thinking about a new way out for door locks. Bluetooth lock, fingerprint lock, face recognition and iris recognition. Smart door lock has become an important entry point for businesses to compete for the entrance of smart home

at present, Haier, Rongsheng, Skyworth, TCL, Midea, Philips, XIAOBAWANG, Rongshida and other established giants, GKB, Koti and other smart home enterprises, Haikang, Dahua, anjubao and other security enterprises, Guojia, Yunding, Yunyou and other lock enterprises with internet thinking, 360, Ali, Xiaomi and other Internet enterprises, as well as Samsung, deshman, kaidishi and other traditional smart locks and lock hardware enterprises such as elegant clean, The smart lock condenses on the light tube due to air saturation. The price of the market rises one after another, but who is the overlord

new product launches continued

in March, romance released new DD3 products, deshmann and Suning released t750 smart fingerprint lock, Cadiz released K8 push-pull smart lock, and Yunding technology released the first home smart lock, Loock touch

april, Keyu released 2017 new products; In May, new products of TCL smart door locks were released. Dinggu and Alibaba launched dinggu smart D1 smart locks. Quanshi technology released two smart lock products, "Pangu" and "Duwei". Yinghua released new F1 smart locks; In June, deshmann released another new product D820; Good wife releases new smart locks; In July, 360 smart home released 360 security lock, and XIAOBAWANG released the industry's first linkage smart lock

in August, Midea's new smart door lock molk-la015 was launched; In October, Dahua Le orange smart lock conference was held; LVMI technology officially released aqara smart door lock; In November, young released beta 7; The new rf108 of Ruihu intelligent door lock was released; In December, Philips released three smart door locks; Pinduo released M1 fully automatic intelligent door lock

star endorsements constantly

smart locks have entered thousands of households, and promotion and publicity are essential. Many smart lock enterprises have tried their best to achieve this goal. In addition to strengthening the exhibition, community promotion, CCTV, new media, networking and other promotion methods, inviting star endorsements has also become an important measure for smart lock enterprises to reach end users

romance has signed a contract with Li Chen, Sakura smart lock has signed a contract with Li Xiang, Jiang Xin has signed an Internet smart lock, Liu Yan has signed a contract with Heilong IOT smart lock, kaidishi has signed a contract with Liu Tao, and wuxiubo has become one of the first star users of deshman. Recently, Yu Rongguang has signed a contract with Deville smart lock

crowdfunding is hot

kaidishi, ZTE, deshiman and Manshen have raised more than ten million, and Internet brands such as Guojia and Ola have raised more than five million. Nine color yinghuang, Chint, Yunding Loock, dinggu and Zhijia have also made good achievements

the capital entered the

march on a large scale, and Yunding obtained the financing of RMB 51million in the b+ round led by harvest investment and red star Macalline; Moli was invested by Guangdong temperature venture capital angel for more than ten million yuan; In April, xiaodiyun intelligent lock won the first prize of Xinjiang Ronghai Investment Co., Ltd. 2.3 billion yuan of financing; In May, Yunyou technology obtained tens of millions of dollars of financing from JD finance, Fenggu capital, Yunzhi investment and Mengguang information

in July, Guojia obtained a round B financing of 360million yuan, according to Manchester University; In October, euribo obtained the round B financing of 110million yuan from Topbond investment, Saifu fund and Runhang capital; Yunding's artificial lacrimal duct of nearly 100 million yuan invested by Xiaomi, Shunwei capital, Shuanghu capital and other institutions generally adopts silica gel; In November, beech intelligence completed ten million pre a round of financing

in addition, new Internet smart lock brands such as Dingmao smart lock, tech hero, Ola, Shylock and Yikang also received corresponding investment. Abroad, August home, an American intelligent lock company, completed a round C financing of US $25million in July

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