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With the rise of "Smart Life", North China industrial control has launched a speech recognition system scheme to help smart home 3.0

new technologies such as artificial intelligence, embedded and IOT are driving product innovation and industrial innovation, bringing new changes to people's life experience. Using intelligent tools to improve the quality of life has become a key trend in modern people's home life, and smart life is rising rapidly

01. Application of speech recognition technology in smart home

speech recognition technology is the key of man-machine interface in information technology. It is an advanced technology that enables machines to convert speech signals into corresponding text or commands through the process of recognition and understanding. With the rapid development of embedded software and hardware and the growing maturity of information network technology, the application of speech recognition technology to smart home can help people interact more effectively with home intelligence, create a more comfortable, convenient, safe and efficient living environment, and help accelerate the arrival of China's smart home 3.0 era

looking around the world, the application of voice recognition technology in smart home has become unstoppable. Domestic and foreign industry giants, including apple, Google, Microsoft, Huawei, Haier and China's three major operators, are actively laying out their own smart voice market and have achieved major technological breakthroughs. By using computer communication, pattern recognition, automatic control and other technologies, voice signals can be collected through voice acquisition devices such as microphones built in household appliances, which helps to improve the effect of building floor decoration. Users only need to establish a voice thesaurus locally, and can realize remote and real-time voice control management of household equipment when outputting short sentence commands, so as to make life more intelligent

North China industrial control believes that smart life has become an inevitable change brought about by the iteration and upgrading of new technologies. In the process of upgrading smart home products and services based on AI technology, in order to ensure the perfect application of voice recognition technology, relevant manufacturers will have more stringent quality and performance requirements for relevant intelligent industrial control hardware

02. Speech recognition system scheme of North China industrial control

North China industrial control is a leader in the industry. Based on intelligent technology, it drives product innovation. It has made in-depth layout in the field of smart home with two independent and controllable computer product supply chains of X86 and arm architecture, and created a diversified computer board scheme. At present, it does not meet the standard requirements. Diversified industrial tablets can provide hardware support for the speech recognition system

North China industrial control speech recognition computer product scheme

North China industrial control can provide diversified computer board schemes for the field of speech recognition system. The product adopts smart cores of different platforms such as Intel, Philips, Ruixin micro and NXP, with on-board memory, on-board flash, integrated 3D graphics unit and 1080p encoding/decoding video engine, supports independent multi display function, line in/line out/mic, and supports the development strategy of high efficiency and green plastic granulator for power amplifier; Multi serial port, multi port design, onboard WiFi (optional), Gigabit Ethernet, and the motherboard has a flexible network application environment; The open and lower anti folding equipment is installed on the top of the piston. The robot/linux intelligent operating system has the advantages of stable and reliable industrial product performance and intelligent digital multimedia player

Huabei industrial control can provide customized (appearance/size, drive debugging, application layer connection, customized program, etc.) embedded industrial tablets of various sizes (8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 19, 21.5, 23, etc.) required for home intelligent control. The product adopts ultra-high definition touchable LCD screen and supports SATA storage and SD card slot expansion; Support LVDS and HDMI display output, and have ultra-high definition audio/video/image processing capability and application computing capability; Integrated port and sound card, low-power design of the whole machine, anti-seismic and dust-proof, strong compatibility, support human-computer interaction, remote control and other intelligent function expansion

smart life is rising, and various smart household products are accelerating into the lives of consumers. North China industrial control adheres to serving the intelligent society with industrial control force, and is committed to providing customers with highly flexible and customized products and services. It has created advanced intelligent industrial control hardware solutions for customers in many industries

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