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Snail cooperators' conference opens up virtual business operation channels

201 it was reported on August 4, 2004 at the exhibition that snail mobile, which is constantly innovating in the business operation of virtual operators, has taken new measures recently. On the afternoon of August 1, at snail Shanghai Art Center, the pioneer of snail Mobile's opening, ooho held the first cooperators' conference with the theme of "virtual business in a new era, win-win and free era". Ooho also hopes to make extensive use of it in life in the future. Nearly 100 guests from all over the country attended the conference

the whole industry chain development model is favored

the scope of this conference includes SIM card business, mobile game platform, mobile terminal equipment and snail mobile offline experience store. A number of senior executives of snail mobile, headed by Chen Yan, President of snail mobile, made an appearance at the conference

Chen Yan, President of snail mobile, introduced the business content

after Chen Yan, President of snail mobile, introduced the development history of snail mobile and the business content of snail mobile to the guests present, the heads of all relevant areas of snail mobile should make them have enough capacity to take the stage respectively, and made more detailed explanations on the free store, channel policy, group customer development policy, business cooperation mode, snail mobile hardware, etc

as the first game company to obtain the license of virtual operator in China, snail mobile creatively put forward the business philosophy of communication Gamification and game communication. At ChinaJoy, which opened on July 31, the snail exhibition hall not only showed the game report card as usual, but also showed these three businesses. The free card free mode, the free traffic download in the store, and the game setting of Mochi were all warmly pursued by players

with the official acquisition of Mochi in June this year, snail Mobile has formed three core businesses in the range of No. 170 product card free, mobile game platform store free and mobile terminal game handheld. Snail, a whole industry chain development model integrating software and hardware, was very optimistic by the participants. They were also full of expectations for the future development prospects of snail

the industrial chain of snail game business and virtual operator business is well connected, which is rare among virtual operators. A participant said that I think their business model for game users is very promising

cooperation representatives competed with Novak on the spot to sign contracts.

after introducing the relevant business, the conference also opened an interactive session on the spot. Ms. Chen Yan led the team members to the stage to answer questions

on the issue of traffic price that the guests were concerned about, President Chen Yan compared the card prices of other manufacturers in the market in combination with the current tariff of card free products. The card free and affordable prices and preferential activities for game users impressed the guests on site

basically, I have studied 170 products of every virtual business. Snail's card free is one of the most distinctive. A guest said that their business philosophy of communication gaming and game communication is also unique and competitive in virtual business

the guests signed a cooperation agreement with snail on site

after fully understanding the development mode of snail mobile, several customer representatives came to the stage and signed a cooperation agreement with snail mobile. With the strong support of partners, snail mobile will further promote the development of virtual business and provide users with more convenient and affordable products and services

virtual business has opened the door to communication. The snail mobile partners' conference provides a win-win entrance for partners to welcome the arrival of the era of free

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