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Smart street lights will "light up" education road by leading citizens to experience (Li Dan) recently, this newspaper reported the news of "smart street lights" lighting up Henan with one shot of multi-purpose "(), and the new street lights with various functions of connecting WiFi and charging cars have also attracted the attention of citizens. Today (March 4), I came to the scene for observation and found that many citizens and enterprises have come to taste the fresh food

the smart street lamp has a simple shape, and it can accumulate surveillance cameras in the food chain. Ye Wei of the information times and the metal, mining and mining industries photographed

not only can WiFi be used to carry 5g

in the future, "everyone has seen the street lamp, and has always felt that it is used for lighting. It is reported that it can be connected to Wi Fi, charge electric vehicles, and guide nearby parking lots and scenic spots. I think it is very fresh. Come and experience it." Ms. Liu, a citizen, said that she was temporarily charging at Tianhe south 2nd road due to her lack of power. Aunt Rao, who is in her 70s, is a nearby resident. She heard that there are smart street lamps. She also came to experience them. It can be seen that there is a USB interface above the touch screen on the street lamp base, which can be charged directly with the data cable. The touch screen can be used to check the road conditions, parking lot, connect Wi Fi, etc. When citizens open it and search for WiFi signals nearby, they can see the WiFi of the smart light pole. After clicking the connection, they will receive SMS verification, and then they can connect

smart streetlights have also attracted some enterprises to visit. Mr. Wang from Guangzhou Tuoxin Communication Technology Co., Ltd. told him that they are focusing on the construction and R & D of 5g communication base stations. It is said that the smart streetlights in this section can carry 5g. He came here specially to visit. It is understood that with the increasing demand for 5g micro base stations in the future, smart light poles can provide basic support such as carrier, power supply and communication. At present, there are 4 existing base stations integrated with Tianhe south 2nd Road street light poles, and 20 will be integrated in the future. "As a micro base station, smart street lamp pole is a good way, because it is troublesome to build a single base station. Street lamps are widely, evenly and densely distributed, which can become a high-quality carrier of urban IOT and promote the interconnection of all things." Mr. Wang recognized such innovation

the new street lamps are equipped with convenient charging ports. Ye Wei of the Information Times reported that some lamp poles are also equipped with DC charging piles for electric vehicles. It is reported that this batch of street lamps is the pilot project of Tianhe south 2nd Road smart street lamps of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, and it is also the first project put into operation within the first batch of pilot projects in Guangzhou. The functions of smart street lights are far more than these. It is found that there is a one button help button behind the base. If citizens encounter emergencies, they can use this button to help. "At present, it is connected with the backstage of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau. In the future, the backstage management will be handed over to the local streets or police stations, which can deal with problems in a timely manner." The staff of the planning and Development Department of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau said

at present, there are 35 smart street lamps such as Tianhe south 2nd Road, and two other lamp poles are also equipped with DC charging piles for electric vehicles. The combination of street lamps and charging piles is the first in China. According to the relevant personnel, "this is a DC charging pile, with a charging power of 60 kW. The charging speed is fast. The charging capacity reaches 80% in half an hour. If the owner charges here for ten minutes, he can play an emergency role." As for the parking problem of temporary charging at the roadside, it highlights an objective advantage. It is learned that at present, Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau is adjusting the roller distance to the minimum. The power supply bureau is docking with the transportation department and the traffic police, and will divide special parking spaces for new energy vehicles to solve the pain point of charging new energy vehicles

it is understood that the smart street lamp project of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau will be applied later in Jiaoyu Road, Yuexiu District. "We will locate various functions of street lamps according to local commercial and cultural characteristics." Relevant staff of the planning and Development Department of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau said that as the West Lake flower market is located along the education road, the smart street lamp function here will be innovated and improved in combination with the characteristics of Guangzhou

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