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Schmeiser introduces buttons and indicators for use under high sanitary requirements and heavy loads

Schmeiser introduces N and E on the basis of traditional technology O series push button switches and indicators. These buttons and indicators are applicable to equipment with high sanitary requirements and heavy load conditions, which are easy to clean, novel in design, safe and reliable

n series can be widely used in food processing equipment, which is easy to clean and prevent residues in the groove, especially in raw material processing machinery, such as fish, meat, poultry, dairy products and egg food processing. Its series structure meets the requirements of European hygienic en for food processing equipment, and has passed the hygienic test certification of German BG meat processing agency. In addition to the advantages of high protection grade ip69k and easy sanitary cleaning of button head parts, special sealing technology can also be used to avoid the accumulation of residues at the gap and prevent the generation of bacteria. The surface is smooth and the accumulated area is greatly reduced. Detergent can be used, which is more conducive to hygiene and cleaning. All materials are harmless to health

e... O series can be applied to equipment with high hygiene requirements. For example, en is only applicable to the test and inspection of a large number of samples or products (1) and iso13849 standards. In addition, the e... O series switches can be used in the high protection level (ip69k) occasions of the laboratory machine manufacturers that are well-known in the industry, such as external door switches on ships, engineering vehicles, traffic equipment and dusty and heavily polluted sites. If the experimental compliance value of the laboratory machine is normal, such as tunnel machinery, etc. E... O series button switches and indicator lights can not be used in food processing equipment except with ultraviolet and ozone materials; The protection grade is ip67/ip69k, and all button heads have passed the protection grade test; Based on the special design of the device, the groove is reduced as much as possible to facilitate the cleaning of the device head. This design won the design award of "if" by slowly applying load on both ends of the sample with a tensile testing machine

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