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Smoke free full-automatic strapping machine launched on the market

the "Shanhuo" brand smoke-free full-automatic strapping machine, jointly developed by Guilin Putian Communication equipment and Beijing Post Science Research Institute, has been put on the market recently. It is a hydraulic transmission automatic strapping equipment with polypropylene machine packing belt, patented vibration technology and smoke-free bonding. Since the strapping machine 354 does not use iron sheet pressing and adhesive hot full packaging, it is smoke-free, odorless and air pollution free. It is an environment-friendly strapping machine. It is suitable for packing and binding newspapers, books and small and medium-sized boxes, especially for enterprises with high requirements for food, medicine and environment. On the basis of random inspection focusing on books, audio-visual and electronic publications,

the binding machine is divided into 700 according to the binding size × 400mm and considering the medium and long-term support of various factors for pulp price, 700 × 600mm and 700 × 800mm, etc

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