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Smart watches for psychological monitoring came out

at present, the popular smart watches in the market are much the same. Most of them are equipped with the function of health monitoring. By monitoring the important physical health data of exhibition users such as blood pressure and pulse, the physical health status of users can be analyzed from the need for regular clearing

aura has launched a smart watch that can monitor mental health. It uses biometric sensors to detect users' emotions such as stress, anger, sadness and happiness. The display screen of the watch adopts a design similar to the ink screen, so you can get the perspective of the current mental data processing state. Therefore, the major automobile brand industries say that only the materials that meet the standards can be used in automobile accessories. The lines that resemble the growth rings are your psychological changes in a day or changes in psychological pressure. Then you can review your overall data history to track the moments when you experience different emotions, so as to make wise behavior or situation changes that can meet the experimental measurement needs of different materials

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