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The construction period estimate of the wooden door and window project: the wooden door and window project is a relatively long-term project in family decoration. The construction should be started after the basic structure treatment, and the project should be completed before the handover. The specific construction period is that it takes two days to make a new plum door carpenter, one day to transform a coffin, half a day to install on the first floor (including hinges, locks, door suction, etc.), half a day to paint a coffin, and the rest is the process waiting time

1. The door and window structure should be solid and flat without warping

2. Door and window frames and door and window leaves with a thickness greater than 50mm should be connected with double tenons. When assembling the frame and fan, the tenon and groove should be closely embedded, cemented with rubber, and tightened with rubber wedge. The space between the door and window frames and the wall shall be fully filled

3. The cut of wood frame should be straight and the wound should be flat. The switch shall be flexible and free from reverse warping

4. The installation position of door and window hardware is appropriate, the groove edge is neat, and the variety of hardware is complete. Tighten it with wood screws, and nails are not allowed to replace it. The installation dimensions of door and window draping, cover strip, joint pressing strip and sealing strip are consistent, and they are firmly combined with doors and windows

5. The paint or coating applied to doors and windows should have a smooth and flat surface, no brush marks, consistent color, and no defects such as missing coating, sand particles, spots, dirt and falling





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