Problems that should be paid attention to when dec

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Problems that should be paid attention to when decorating toilets

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bathroom decoration should pay attention to household use, and consider the overall effect of sanitary appliances and decoration. According to the size of the bathroom, you can be extravagant or frugal. Generally, you should pay attention to the overall layout, color matching, sanitary ware selection and other essentials, so that the bathroom can achieve the effect of convenient use, safety and comfort

bathrooms in apartments or villas can be equipped with massage bathtubs, non slip bathtubs, multi nozzle bathrooms, automatic thermostatic faucets, marble Facewash and make-up tables, electric hair dryers, shaving machines, large bath mirrors, hot air hand dryers and women's body cleaners. Ceramic tiles or artistic glazed tiles can be laid on the wall or ground, and carpets can be laid on the ground. In addition, constant temperature, ventilation and communication facilities can be installed. Before decoration, you should decide in advance whether to choose shower or tub bath, or both, depending on whether you treat bathing as a task or enjoyment. Of course, the size of the bathroom is also a factor

after setting this point, go to purchase corresponding lamps, floor tiles and other sanitary equipment. Secondly, we should consider that the bathroom is generally shared by many people, and try to avoid conflicts in use. Waterproofing is another key issue. Finally, the water inflow and drainage of the bathroom cannot be ignored. These pipelines will have a certain impact on the layout of the bathroom, and the wrong design or decoration will be endless trouble. Shower also has the advantages of saving space, water and electricity. The bath gives people more comfort. The fragrance of bath oil and the water massage in the new bathtub make people seem to have come to the public bathhouse in ancient Rome. Bathtubs can be imported, with prices ranging from 3000 yuan to 8000 yuan; Some domestic brands are of good quality, and the price is more than 1000 yuan





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