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The plan cannot keep up with the change. Decoration is not just a matter of planning. There are often “ Unexpected ” happen. This is not, a netizen encountered a thing that made her almost collapse in the process of paving the floor. Although it's been a long time, it's still “ Thrilling ” of However, fortunately, the matter was solved smoothly, and the final floor paving effect was also very good. Now let's replay your case: who's that “ Behind the scenes &rdquo

amazing accident running water incident process

we cleaned the house on the day when the floor was paved. The house was much cleaner. My husband and I were in a very happy mood. But the road turned around. The next day, just as we were driving to the road, our neighbor upstairs called him and said that our house ran out of water. Because he is a decorator, he wants to refer to the decoration style of our house. In the morning, he looked through the window at the newly paved floor of our house and found what floor can be so shiny. When he looked closely, he knew it was running water. When we received the news, we were ten minutes away. When I heard the news, my heart pounded, but I knew I must not panic. I took my husband's hand and said: it's okay, drive carefully

as soon as you get to the house, rush to the kitchen to open the door and close the water gate. The water on the ground can already overflow your feet. The neighbor asked two people to help us sweep the water together. After sweeping about a dozen barrels of water, it was almost done. As soon as there was water overflowing on the floor, my husband quickly called Jiang Gong. Jiang Gong asked master Yin, a hydropower worker, to come. We asked him to test whether each socket switch had a short circuit or an open circuit. Master Yin helped us look at the wall around the bathroom. The wall on the right side of the bathroom door was completely wet, and the wall between the bathroom and the second bedroom also showed a wet map with a normal distribution curve. He ripped off all the walls, which helped to spread the moisture. Why does the bathroom still have wet walls when it is waterproof? Because our two walls are all made of hollow bricks, and the fracture of the faucet is located behind the tiles, that is, in the wall, so it's strange that the wall was filled with water at that time. Jiang Gong sent another carpenter to help us remove the floor. The floor was removed, but no one helped us move it. My husband borrowed a tricycle from people who have been doing recycling near the community. We moved the removed floor to the car bit by bit, and my husband rode it. But everyone knows that people who usually ride bicycles don't ride tricycles. My husband can only push the car, and I hold the floor behind. But there was water on the floor and it didn't form a block. Some of them fell off and cut my legs. My husband said he couldn't go on like this. It's endless. It happened that the neighbor who did the decoration saw our embarrassment and said that he had a relative who did recycling and could pull these floors back as firewood. We were so happy. Because we let the recycling people in the community pull the floor, they are not willing to die. Later, we left the door key to our neighbors and came back a week later. The house was clean, including those torn off walls. In this process, I really appreciate the neighbor who did the decoration





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