Wright city meets 89 Pingdi Zhonghai stylists

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In addition to the color characteristics, the Mediterranean style is also reflected in other aspects, such as furniture, walls, etc. Lighthouses, sailboats, starfish, etc. are common elements in the Mediterranean style. Having these Mediterranean styles can instantly enhance space. Meet the Mediterranean stylist case together

[decoration householder]: Decoration bidding owner

[decoration area]: 89 square meters

[decoration style]: Mediterranean style

[decoration house type]: two rooms and one living room

[more renderings]: http://www.whjzw.net/Pirture/Anli1_anli_0_0_0_0_

owners like all natural and comfortable lives and have the motivation to fight for their future. The male host of the family has a rational and rigorous character, and has ideals and goals for work. Thank the designer for skillfully integrating our personality together and presenting it to us in a home style. At first, the use of color made my heart beat. The colors of bookcases and shoe cabinets are not pure white. This is our painstaking effort to take the milk white color board customized by the cabinet company to the scene and ask the painter to adjust it to the same color. The painters are quite professional. Such a construction team is very reassuring. Only the details can be cast perfectly

the kitchen cabinets are purchased by participating in group buying activities, which are determined according to the matching requirements of the designer, hoping to be coordinated with the overall style

the small bulletin board at the entrance of the restaurant increases the fun of marriage life, mainly including some collected postcards and "three rules" with her husband





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