Pig manure treatment equipment as the cornerstone

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Pig manure treatment equipment as the cornerstone of a better life for livestock breeding

pig manure treatment equipment as the cornerstone of a better life for livestock breeding

Pingdu: the animal husbandry bureau held a working meeting on the prevention and control knowledge training of African swine fever and the comprehensive improvement of the environment for the construction of livestock farm manure. The meeting stressed that the first is to conduct a comprehensive self-examination without leaving a dead corner, and effectively do a good job in the construction of fecal sewage treatment facilities in large-scale farms. At the same time, we should speed up the pollution remediation of breeding communities, vigorously solve the problem of breeding odor disturbing residents, and earnestly do a good job in the basic work such as the construction of fecal sewage treatment facilities and safe production of large-scale breeding farms by strengthening the source deodorization, physical isolation, bacteria deodorization, etc., so as to rectify the problems in place. Second, check and make up for deficiencies and improve the archives. We should conscientiously handle public opinion, letters and visits, and reported cases involving animal husbandry, strengthen duty, and ensure smooth communication. We should strengthen efforts, speed up progress, and speed up the completion of all work. Third, we should highlight the key points and pay close attention to implementation. Strengthen epidemic monitoring, screening and disposal, strengthen the supervision of pig trafficking brokers, strengthen the supervision of pig quarantine and transportation, strengthen the supervision of slaughtering links, strictly investigate swill feeding and other illegal acts, and resolutely win the hard battle of prevention and control of African swine fever

principle of pig manure treatment equipment:

the principle of screw extrusion is adopted for pig manure treatment equipment. It is applicable to livestock and poultry feces with a water content of about 90%. The water content of dehydrated livestock and poultry feces is about 60%, which is in a loose shape. If you can't hold water by hand, you can directly bag or ferment. It does not contain any chemical components and is a very ideal organic fertilizer for farmland. Moreover, the amount of fecal slag and water content can be adjusted, so our products can be applied to different raw materials

details of pig manure treatment equipment:

according to different materials, the pig manure treatment equipment adopts filters with different apertures such as 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 1.0mm, etc. The filter screen, spiral auger and spiral blade are closely combined without gap, with high precision, high efficiency and good effect. There are six reinforcing steel rings in the transverse and longitudinal directions of the filter screen to strictly ensure the stability of the filter screen and ensure no cracking and deformation. The inner wall of the filter screen, spiral auger and spiral blade should be polished twice before installation and use, so as to make the filter screen smoother and the Dragon sharper, and ensure that there is no hair gap between the filter screen and the spiral dragon, so as to ensure the precision of our products, just like our meticulous attitude. In addition, there is a pressure bar at the discharge port, and the dry humidity of the discharge can be adjusted by using the lever principle. The pig manure treatment equipment is suitable in size and small in overall weight. There are pulleys under the frame, so it is easy to move, and one person can move it

benefits of pig manure treatment equipment:

pig manure treatment equipment can dehydrate chicken manure and other livestock and poultry manure, which can not only solve the problem of precipitation of livestock and poultry manure in biogas digesters, greatly enhance the treatment capacity of biogas digesters, but also greatly reduce the construction area of biogas digesters and biochemical digesters. Save the construction investment and land use area of environmental protection treatment, and the separated livestock manure can also be directly used as fertilizer for fruit trees and trees and as raw material for organic fertilizer. It can be sold to organic fertilizer plants as organic fertilizer raw materials or self-made organic fertilizer to achieve both social and economic benefits

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