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In recent years, Qifeng has always adhered to the business philosophy of being close to the market, guided by the needs of users, and launched products in real time. We feel that meeting the needs of users is Qifeng's biggest marketing philosophy, and we have also adhered to this in recent years

home hotline: Hello, everyone. This is the on-site report brought by Huiya information in Zibo, Shandong Province. This year, we are honored to interview president Li Anton, general manager of Qifeng new materials Co., Ltd. Hello, President Li

President Li: Hello

home hotline: first of all, I would like to congratulate Qifeng Xincai on its 38th anniversary celebration for a complete success. Please brief president Li on the basic situation of this event

President Li: Qifeng new materials Co., Ltd. started the construction of the first production line on November 9, 1976. Up to November 9 this year, it has a total history of 38 years. In these 38 years, we have experienced three systems. The first enterprise was founded by the people's commune. It has experienced the joint-stock cooperative system, and has developed into the current joint-stock system, becoming a listed company. Over the past 38 years, Qifeng has also experienced three product stages. The first is to produce linoleum base paper, and the middle is to produce cultural paper. Since 2000, Qifeng has begun to develop decorative base paper. Up to now, Qifeng has three characteristic products: decorative base paper, surface wear-resistant paper and non-woven wall paper base paper. Among them, the production and sales of decorative base paper and surface wear-resistant paper have reached the first in the world, and non-woven wallpaper base paper is also in the leading position in China. In these 38 years of development, Qifeng has received strong support from all sectors of society and customers, and it has begun to take shape today. Therefore, Qifeng also wants to take advantage of the 38th anniversary of the establishment of the enterprise to invite friends of industry associations and customers to gather in Qifeng to exchange information and promote the healthy development of the industry. This is the main purpose of Qifeng to hold this event

Li Antong, general manager of Qifeng new materials Co., Ltd.

Home hotline: in terms of environmental protection, Qifeng new materials put forward the slogan "we produce a forest every day". How do you understand this sentence, and what kind of product view does it embody

president Li: the decorative base paper we produce is pressed onto wood-based panels. If the furniture produced with these wood-based panels is produced with solid wood, it requires about 760 hectares of forest resources. This is what we have investigated. From this perspective, the decorative base paper we produce saves 760 hectares of forest resources every day, so we can produce a forest every day. It also reflects Qifeng's product concept of green, environmental protection and sustainable development

home hotline: Qifeng new material decorative base paper has achieved the best sales and sales ranking first in the country for seven consecutive years. What is the secret of success

president Li: there is no secret of success. In recent years, Qifeng has always adhered to the business philosophy of being close to the market and selling all products. To be close to the market is to launch products in real time based on the needs of users. We feel that meeting the needs of users is Qifeng's biggest marketing concept, and we have been doing so in recent years

home hotline: it is understood that your non-woven wallpaper base paper won the first prize of Zibo scientific and technological progress in July this year. What are the competitive advantages of the new non-woven wallpaper base paper developed by your enterprise? Has it been widely used in the wallpaper industry

president Li: Qifeng started the research and development of non-woven wallpaper base paper with domestic and foreign special paper research and development institutions in 2009. By 2011, it was introduced to the market and communicated and cooperated with a large number of wallpaper enterprises. Since its launch in 2011, it has quickly adapted to the needs of users. Users' evaluation of Qifeng non-woven wallpaper base paper is as follows: the printing effect is the best and the quality is stable. Today, Qifeng's product quality has exceeded the quality level of its European counterparts, which is the user's evaluation of us

home hotline: 2014 is coming to an end. What is the development situation of Qifeng new material this year and what is the new development plan in 2015

president Li: in general, Qifeng's products continue to maintain a prosperous situation of production and sales this year. Our overall goal in 2014 is to produce and sell 270000 tons. In 2013, we sold a total of 213000 tons. From the first to the third quarter of this year, Qifeng's production and sales increased by 27% over the same period last year. At present, the situation is very good. In the future, Qifeng will strengthen the main paper, expand the wallpaper, develop new paper, and further strengthen the research and development of decorative base paper and surface wear-resistant paper, Strengthen the brand. Expand wallpapers, further expand the sales of non-woven wallpapers, and meet the market demand. At present, we are also developing another two kinds of special paper to lay a foundation for future development

home hotline: here, I also congratulate Qifeng new material on its 38th birthday again, and hope that Qifeng new material will continue to develop and create brilliance in 2015

President Li: Thank you





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