Liu Ruoying takes a bath and causes a lawsuit. Nei

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Liu Ruoying's bathing caused a lawsuit, and the neighbors claimed millions of dollars for leaking the house.

Liu Ruoying's ten million mansion in Taiwan was decorated three years ago and installed a Jacuzzi last year. Recently, residents downstairs accused Liu Ruoying of leaking water when bathing his house, causing the house to become moldy and unable to live. Liu Ruoying was sued for claiming NT $1.5 million. Liu Ruoying's lawyer said that the compensation should be paid, but it was not caused by decoration, It is up to professionals and judges to decide

according to Taiwan's news today, it is reported that Liu Ruoying lives on the 13th floor of the building. After she decorated her house in the middle of last year, her downstairs neighbor found that the ceiling of her home was leaking. It is suspected that it was caused by Liu Ruoying's decoration of the house. The two sides broke down negotiations many times and went to court. The other party is currently claiming NT $1.5 million from Liu Ruoying

Lawyer Liu Ruoying responded: the second part of the repair cost is a need for comfort in his body. He asked for 600000 (New Taiwan dollars) of comfort money. Up to now, the amount he asked for should be close to 1.5 million (New Taiwan dollars), and it will increase at any time. We believe that this astronomical figure is still decided by the court

the other party alleged that after Liu Ruoying installed a Jacuzzi in the bathroom, it was her bathing that I leaked water, so the moisture became moldy again, resulting in asthma attacks and emergency treatment for many times, so she had to temporarily move away; But Liu Ruoying countered that the other party could not prove that the leakage was caused by her decoration. In this regard, Lawyer Liu Ruoying said that if the court ruled that she should pay, she should pay. What she should not pay cannot be because she is a celebrity, and she should generally accept all the claims made by all the plaintiffs

however, Liu Ruoying expressed her willingness to settle and asked her lawyer friend to come forward and buy the leaky house, but the other party refused to consider the problem of children going to school, and both parties had to go to court again. Lawyer Liu Ruoying stressed that the old house, which has lived for more than ten years, was redecorated three years ago, but it was controversial three years later, questioning that the other party had another purpose




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