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Compared with the strong European flavor, the new fashion doors and windows of the times are more fresh and more in line with the introverted aesthetic concept of the Chinese people. Bring you and your family endless comfortable touch, and really enjoy a comfortable and romantic life

products focus on practicality

energy saving. Adhering to the concept of environmental protection, 3C certified tempered glass is selected to ensure that it is superior to its peers in terms of noise prevention, heat insulation and warmth preservation, with less energy consumption, which meets today's consumer demand for environmental protection

2. Safety. Ordinary glass cannot withstand the extrusion of too much external force, and once broken, the splashed glass tips may stab people, and there are great potential safety hazards. We choose 3C certified tempered glass, which is 5 times harder than ordinary glass. Even if the glass is broken due to force majeure, the fragments are similar to honeycomb obtuse particles, which will not hurt people and are safer

3. Durable. Shidai Xinshang doors and windows are made of aluminum materials designated by aerospace, and their corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance are more than 10 times that of ordinary aluminum materials, ensuring the stability and durability of door and window frames. The enterprise also adopts hardware accessories such as Kyoto solid pure copper handle and hobo imported from Germany, which are still intact after 100000 friction tests, to ensure that the wear resistance reaches a high level

shuttling through the reinforced concrete every day

eager to get a simple

comfortable home environment

the modeling design of traditional classical European style doors and windows should not only highlight the concave convex feeling, but also have a beautiful arc. The two shapes complement each other and are full of charm, creating a gorgeous, noble and warm feeling as a whole. In terms of the color of door and window design, it is often based on white, yellow and gold, matched with mahogany, dark brown, European aluminum flowers, car engraved glass technology, and exquisite decorative patterns, showing the luxurious temperament of classical European style

(concise - fresh - introverted)

if the classical European style has complex lines and low colors,

while the simple European style is based on the classical European style,

replaces complex patterns with simple lines and adopts more lively and fresh colors,

not only retains the elegance and luxury of the classical European style, but also adapts to the leisure and comfort of modern life

compared with the strong European flavor, simple Europe is more fresh,

and it is more in line with the introverted aesthetic concept of the Chinese people. In the door and window design of simple European style,

the arc segment arc-shaped glass door has a beautiful and soft arc appearance, coupled with crystal clear and transparent glass door leaves. Between opening and closing, you will appreciate the lightness and harmonious beauty of the arc-shaped door itself.

in color, it is mainly like ivory white and champagne gold,

it is mainly light color, supplemented by dark color

times new fashion doors and windows has launched a full range of European style doors and windows,

each has its own characteristics, perfect curves, and refined detail processing,

relaxed and comfortable without losing the elegant and luxurious atmosphere of nobility,

brings you and your family endless comfortable touch,

truly enjoy a comfortable and romantic life





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