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Germany produces plastics with bacteria

Leipzig Harley environmental research center in Germany has announced that it has developed a new process, which can use biogas and bacteria to produce environmentally friendly and degradable plastics. The first phase of the chemical new material base project of Tangshan Zhonghao Chemical Co., Ltd. has been completed and put into trial production

the bacteria used in this research center are methanomonas. This bacterium can metabolize methane and produce fine granular Polyhydroxybutyric acid in its body. After extraction, it can be made into plastic. Polyhydroxybutyric acid is very similar to petrochemical plastic products such as polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride in physical properties, but it is easy to biodegrade, and the final product is only water and carbon dioxide, which will not pollute the environment

according to the center, the raw material required for the production of this plastic is biogas produced by the fermentation of organic waste, which contains 60% to 80% methane. The cultured methanomonas can produce Polyhydroxybutyric acid after 24 hours in the reactor, and the output can reach 2 grams per liter per hour. The generated wastewater, residues and heat can be recycled in the reaction to save costs

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