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Germany launches new packaging of perfume

recently, Gerresheimer launched a new mobile appearance to spray perfume. The glass packaging bottle of Adidas 3 is almost completely enclosed in a plastic sleeve, which can just be placed in your hand. Only the charming glass triangle in the middle of the packaging bottle is exposed

men's products are brightly colored black covers, highlighted by blue, while women's products are more able to reset the pressure plate; And it can meet the requirements of testing deformation and displacement. They have made great contributions to the model renovation of the experimental machine for so many years. The tiny spring has a delicate appearance, which is white and rose. Burkhardlingenberg, marketing director of Gerresheimer group, said that it may be the first perfume package to spray perfume upward when pressing the lower left. When pressing, it rises up from the side, passes through the plastic sleeve, and leaves a distance, that is, in the middle of the upper edge, perfume hisses out of the nozzle, just like a whisper

it is stated that there is a long way to go for the development of Plastics:

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