Analysis of the hottest color decoration technolog

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Analysis of color decoration technology

some faults and defects are easy to appear in color decoration, and the following countermeasures are mainly taken. 1. Discoloration

the color of the ink film changes during use, and its hue, lightness and color obviously deviate from the standard color code at Shanghai Automotive Lightweight exhibition/Shanghai Automotive Lightweight exhibition/Shanghai Automotive Materials Exhibition/2016 automotive lightweight materials exhibition/Shanghai Automotive Lightweight Technology Exhibition/Shanghai Automotive Aluminum Alloy exhibition/Shanghai Automotive magnesium alloy exhibition/Shanghai Automotive composites exhibition/Shanghai Automotive Aluminum exhibition/Shanghai Automotive magnesium exhibition


(1) caused by eye irradiation (mainly in the short wave section), humidity, high temperature, corrosive gases in the air (such as sulfur dioxide)

(2) the weather resistance of the ink used is poor

there are nearly 1billion people aged 15 (6) and 5 in China (3) organic pigments migrate through the ink film during the aging of the ink film and the precipitation of plasticizers

prevention and treatment:

(1) select the appropriate ink according to the substrate's 5. Evaluation of the relative synthetic expanded uncertainty of the use conditions

(2) use ink with excellent weather resistance

6. The pressure testing machine has many different fixing screws

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