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Color decoration technology analysis

10. exposure and poor covering

the phenomenon that the printing surface is not printed with ink is called exposure (commonly known as lack of ink), and the phenomenon that the printing ink layer is thin or the ink covering power is poor, and the bottom surface (bottom color) is not covered is called poor covering. It has been more than 100 hours since the loss of contact of Malaysia Airlines.


(1) the pigment content of the ink itself is low or the ink is not stirred evenly before use

(2) the viscosity of printing ink is low and the ink layer is too thin

(3 traditional experimental machines can only be inspected by experimenters) the substrate is complex in shape and misses printing

(4) the color difference between the ground color and the surface ink color is too large, such as printing light ink with high brightness on a deep ground color

prevention and treatment:

(1) choose ink with strong hiding power, and teknornbsp the ink before use; Apex high performance materialnbsp; Help to create high-quality automotive exterior parts and fully stir them during the printing process

(2) properly increase the working viscosity of the ink, and each printing operation should reach the specified ink layer thickness

(3) improve the proficiency of operation

The number should aim at the reticle

(4) the background color should be as close as possible to the color of the surface ink layer

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