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Germany plans to promote "German certification" in the EU and unify the EU new car standard

German Bild Sunday edition reported that German transport minister Andreas Scheuer plans to promote the unification of the EU new car certification and licensing system and the implementation of the "German certification" logo

andreas Scheuer said in an interview with Bild Sunday that he plans to implement the unified certification mark "certified in Germany" among European automobile companies, and unify vehicle type certification and exhaust emission testing. Andreas Scheuer said, "I hope that the cars running on the roads in Germany in the future will be cars with clean emissions, whether German or foreign."

according to Andreas Scheuer, all cars in Germany must be approved by relevant tests, so as to obtain the mark of "German certification". All auto companies that sell cars in Germany must participate in and accept this certification

he said that within the EU, Germany is committed to promoting a stricter vehicle licensing system, which must be unified by the EU. "We hope that 'German certification' will be a trademark of clean cars in the future," he said

up to now, European car manufacturers can voluntarily choose to receive the surrounding text in a European country to receive new car certification, which can be recognized by other EU countries. Industry experts have been criticizing this system, believing that auto companies are very convenient and fast to use to avoid policies

Ferdinand, head of car center of Duisburg Essen University, Germany? Ferdinand dudenh? Ffer explained: "it is very obvious that Audi and other automobile companies have certified their diesel exhaust emissions in Luxembourg because the process there is simpler and faster. However, the existing thermosetting composites (epoxy or polyester) of Volkswagen Group are difficult to recover at the end of their service life. Many diesel vehicles suspected of tail valves have been certified in Luxembourg."

it is reported that Rupert Stadler, CEO of Audi, assured the German Ministry of transport that Audi would not certify any new models in Luxembourg. Audi spokesperson responded: "Audi does new car certification in both Luxembourg and Germany, but all new car certification is completed in Germany". However, the spokesman denied that the Luxembourg certification was no longer reported by the media, "we have been in close contact with the German motor vehicle administration and the German Ministry of transport, and the communication between us is confidential" and the loader of Liebherr hydrostatic bulldozer

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