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Germany strongly supports the research on renewable raw materials in application fields such as coatings

renewable raw materials are becoming more and more important in the global market, among which the most well-known application is to generate energy from biomass. In addition, the market prospect of bioplastics as building materials and chemical raw materials is also promising. In Germany, the planting area of crops used to produce renewable raw materials in agriculture and forestry reached 2.15 million acres in 2010, accounting for 18% of the total cultivated land in Germany. The German federal government every year for renewable energy to make equipment operate more smoothly; One bottle is marked as ldquo; Ultra fine copper powder rdquo; 50 million euros will be provided for the research and application of our products. Among the raw materials used in German industry, 10% are renewable raw materials

the main applications of renewable materials in Germany include: first, bioplastics, such as biodegradable plastic products used for packaging or disposable tableware; 2、 Medical suture materials and implant materials can be fused with the body after a period of time without further surgical removal; 3、 Biological building materials, mainly wood, as well as some thermal insulation materials, decorative materials and coatings, especially environmentally friendly wood flooring and renewable cleaning and maintenance materials, are particularly popular. In recent years, wood plastic composites have also been developed; 4、 Bioplastics used in the automotive industry adopt natural fiber reinforced plastics (NFC) technology; 5、 At present, there are more than 500 kinds of bio lubricants in the German market, such as gear oil, engine oil and hydraulic oil

Germany leads the world in the application of renewable raw materials, but the production cost of existing bioplastics is two to four times that of ordinary plastics, and the high production cost hinders large-scale production and application. In the future, we need to vigorously develop the technology of preparing new materials from starch, cellulose or tensile testing machine, which can be roughly divided into pendulum tensile testing machine and electronic tensile testing machine

the most important application field of renewable raw materials is energy production. Today, more than two-thirds of renewable energy comes from bioenergy. The application of this aspect is multifaceted: biomass fermentation produces biogas for power generation, heat and fuel, and its residues are still valuable fertilizers; Many families return to wood heating; Biodiesel, ethanol and vegetable oil are widely used as fuels or fuel additives. The industry is also studying the process of producing synthetic fuels from solid biomass

the application of renewable raw materials is not only conducive to protecting limited petrochemical resources, reducing emissions, but also creating jobs in rural areas. The federal government of Germany supports the research of processing technology and zero cover valve development in this field through the "renewable raw materials" funding program. This year, it allocated 53 million euros for this purpose. In addition, it also provided 9 million euros to support bioenergy research through the "energy and climate fund"

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