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Germany found that mineral water can absorb toxins from plastic containers

Heidelberg, Germany, gave examples of the dilemma of plastic materials of many car companies, but there is no place for them. Researchers in usage science found that mineral water will absorb antimony, a toxin detrimental to human health, from plastic containers during storage

antimony is one of the most commonly used raw materials used by businesses to make mineral water bottles. The antimony content in groundwater is one trillion parts, while the antimony content of bottled mineral water, even if it is opened immediately after pouring, is also 160 parts per trillion on average. After groundwater is stored in plastic bottles for about six months, its antimony content will reach 630 parts per trillion

Southampton in the UK is larger, and it can even reach 0.2% David Kogan, an epidemiologist at volume primary school, said that the risk factor of antimony is not yet known, but it is known that excessive antimony will damage liver function; In addition, bacteria in bottled mineral water may also be a possible reason for the increase in food poisoning cases. (Liu Guoxin)

source: packaging and food machinery

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