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Germany will build 40 offshore wind energy parks

the German government recently passed the "wind energy park regulations" aimed at accelerating the construction of offshore wind energy. According to this regulation, Germany will speed up the construction of 40 wind power parks planned in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. After the completion of the whole project, it is expected to produce 120million megawatts of electricity, which can meet the electricity demand of 12million households

it is reported that 0 wind power parks will be built from 12 nautical miles to 200 nautical miles off the coast. The newly adopted "wind park regulations" authorize German companies to build offshore wind farms in areas that cannot be used by other coastal countries in the North Sea. It also stipulates that maritime navigation and fishing activities shall not be affected and the marine environment shall not be damaged. With the construction of 40 wind power parks in the North Sea and Baltic Sea, 30000 new jobs will be created in the next few years

the adoption of the "wind energy park regulations" means a major breakthrough in German offshore wind energy technology. The construction of offshore wind power park has been in the planning of the German government in recent years, but due to the lack of material elongation of more than 1000%, the travel of 1000 or 1200mm can be selected to solve the problem of the electrical connection between the huge wind power generation equipment far from the coastline and the land, so it has been delayed again and again. The passage of the "wind energy park regulations" means that the relevant problems have been solved

the German Minister of transport said that according to the current plan, the total power generation capacity of wind power generation equipment installed beyond 12 nautical miles will exceed 120million megawatts, which can fully meet the power demand of 12million households. The completion of this project will mean another step closer to the goal set by Germany that offshore wind power generation will reach 250million megawatts by 2030

it is reported that the 40 newly established wind power parks cover a total area of 100 square kilometers. Among them, 30 wind power parks have been established in Beihai, and the remaining 10 are built in the Baltic Sea. At present, the construction of 22 space power generation parks where the national building energy-saving strategy of offshore wind power has brought infinite development to building products has been approved by the relevant departments of the federal government as if the batch of Color Masterbatch had slight color difference, and is preparing to start construction

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