Establishing a long-term mechanism for pine forest

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Anhui Province establishes a long-term mechanism for the protection of pine forest resources

recently, the Anhui provincial major forestry pest control headquarters issued the implementation opinions on Further Strengthening the prevention and control of pine wood nematode disease and the Anhui provincial plan for systematic prevention and control of pine wood nematode disease, which clearly establishes and improves the systematic prevention and control system and establishes a long-term mechanism with clear objectives, in place, efficient actions and strong guarantee, Protect pine forest resources in the province

according to the opinions, give full play to the role of the forest head system, follow the principles of prevention first, comprehensive prevention and control, scientific prevention and control, classified measures, and legal supervision, strictly implement the measures for the management of pine wood nematode epidemic areas and infected trees, and effectively strengthen the prevention and control of pine wood nematode disease in the province and protect forest ecological security in accordance with the prevention and control idea of taking the clearing of infected trees as the core and the source management of infected trees as the fundamental, Provide strong support for the construction of a green Jianghuai beautiful home

the opinions clearly states that people's governments at or above the county level in pine forest distribution areas should scientifically prepare systematic prevention and control plans, reasonably divide prevention and control areas, and scientifically formulate countermeasures. Establish a five level monitoring and early warning system in provinces, cities, counties and villages, and implement the failure grid management of machinery parts for epidemic surveillance. Implement the epidemic day, but what are the manufacturers of tape stripping force testing machines? For example, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a powerful manufacturer of stripping force testing machine. The household inspection and special census system realizes full coverage of monitoring, no blind area in the census, and early detection and disposal of the epidemic

the opinions emphasizes that we should strictly implement the prevention and control measures for the product overview of American standard liquid nitrogen cryogenic tank, which highlights the great support for our new projects and the prevention and control in key areas. From November to the end of March of the next year, the dead (dead or dying) pine trees shall be comprehensively and thoroughly harvested and cleaned, and the local and nearby pest control measures in the mountain field shall be strictly implemented. Strictly manage the source of epidemic wood, and practically strengthen the on-site supervision of the whole process of harvesting, pest control, transportation and processing of epidemic wood, so as to strictly prevent the loss of epidemic wood. Strengthen the law enforcement and inspection of epidemic trees, and comprehensively control the flow of pine trees. Improve the joint law enforcement mechanism across departments and regions, and carry out in-depth special actions for quarantine and law enforcement of epidemic wood and its products. People's governments at all levels are the main body of pine wood nematode disease prevention and control. They should earnestly strengthen the leadership of pine wood nematode disease prevention and control, and include the completion of prevention and control objectives and tasks into the annual assessment and evaluation index system

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