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Shucheng County establishes a long-term mechanism to strictly prevent the pollution of waste plastic processing industry. First, formulate and issue the opinions on the treatment of waste plastic processing pollution in Shucheng County, and take targeted prevention and control measures in combination with Chaohu Lake water environment treatment, new rural construction, drinking water source safety and other work. It is strictly prohibited to burn waste plastics and purchase dangerous goods. All processing households are required to achieve "Three Guarantees" to industrialize the research results: ensure the normal operation of facilities, ensure that the waste water meets the standard discharge for plastic materials and products in contact with food, and ensure the safety of the ecological environment. Second, overhaul and maintain all treatment facilities once a month, strengthen biochemical commissioning, train operators, determine special personnel to be responsible, standardize operation records, and set standardized sewage outlets. Hold a processing householder meeting every quarter for debugging and training. Third, the new project must obtain the consent of the relevant departments directly under the county, township and industry associations, and the use of thermoplastic elastomer in the feet. It can be officially produced only after the environmental protection procedures are completed, the sewage treatment facilities are completed and passed the acceptance of the environmental protection department. Fourth, the county environmental protection department strictly carries out environmental supervision and severely punishes illegal sewage discharge and environmental pollution according to law. For the processing area, regularly monitor the surrounding surface water quality and atmospheric environment, and grasp the environmental conditions at any time. Up to now, the processing households in Chengguan, Taoxi, Nangang and other key towns of waste plastic processing industry in the county have all built sewage treatment facilities, and the operation is basically stable

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