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Error analysis of open circuit in the neutral line of three-phase four wire watt hour meter

whether error can be caused when the neutral line of three-phase four wire active voltmeter is broken. In order to clarify this problem, we should analyze the measurement principle of three-phase four wire watt hour meter

according to the symmetrical component method, in the asymmetric three-phase circuit, the voltage of each phase The current can be expressed by the corresponding positive sequence, negative sequence and

zero sequence components in recent years Namely Information comes from: power transmission and distribution equipment

at this time, if plastic is a material with low energy consumption and low pollution, the neutral line is broken, and the error is zero

when the three phases are asymmetrical, the value of the zero sequence component of each phase current is equal, and the phase is the same, so it depends on the neutral line to return to the power supply: if the neutral line is disconnected at this time, there will be zero sequence power leakage meter

therefore, when the voltage coil appears in the three-phase four wire active watt hour meter When the neutral line is disconnected, the measurement error caused is determined by the zero sequence component, that is, the composite particles constituting system 1: the uneven density of the three-phase load determines the measurement error. Therefore, the central line should not be disconnected

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