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The essence and result of the special tire protection case

this special tire protection case signed by President Obama of the United States, imposing a three-year high tariff on passenger tires exported from China to the United States (35 September 2009, 30 September 2010, and 25 September 2011), at the beginning, it not only triggered strong opposition from China, but also full of controversy in the United States, which is considered to be the embodiment of trade protectionism under the special circumstances of the financial crisis

with regard to the special safeguard case, in 2009, the Ministry of Commerce of China, industry associations and enterprises had a clear attitude, responded quickly, did a lot of proof work, and repeatedly negotiated with the United States from multiple levels and levels, hired lawyers and organized lobbying groups, and carried out a lot of persuasion work, showing the sincerity and flexibility of properly solving the problem of strengthening the construction of inspection and testing capacity of the national copper, lead and zinc quality inspection center and boosting regional economic development, Until he wrote an open letter to President Obama. However, under the pressure of many domestic parties, the United States insisted on putting forward a package of unreasonable requirements in addition to tire products, which not only involves many other industries and products, but also requires China to adjust its fiscal and tax policies, which is firmly unacceptable to China. The Ministry of Commerce of China appealed to the WTO against the United States' insistence on taking unilateral safeguard measures in disregard of China's opposition in order to give full play to the testing advantages of such equipment

facts have proved that the special tire protection case is a trade protection measure implemented under the guise of protecting relevant domestic industries in the United States. It is a typical international trade dispute case that harms others but does not benefit itself. What it actually damages is the interests of China's tire industry and American consumers

1. After the implementation of special safeguard measures in the United States, China's export of passenger tires to the United States decreased by 23.6% in 2010 compared with 2009, and by 6% in the first half of 2011. The import of tires from third countries in the United States increased by 20.2% in 2010 compared with 2009, and increased by 9% in the first half of 2011. These data are enough to show that the previous Chinese tires exported to the United States did not threaten the relevant U.S. enterprises, but the special insurance case has greatly damaged the interests of Chinese tire enterprises

2. The special insurance case increased the expenditure of American consumers. According to the data of some domestic institutions in the United States, the price of tires in the United States rose by 10% to 20% immediately after the special insurance case. Many consumers delayed replacing old tires because of the high price of tires, resulting in hidden dangers of traffic safety

3. The special insurance case under the banner of protecting employment has not solved the employment problem in the United States. Ironically, the employment rate in the U.S. tire industry has not increased but decreased. At present, the unemployed population in the United States has reached 14million, and the unemployment rate is as high as 9.1%

all the above facts show that the tire warranty case is harmful to both China and the United States. I hope the U.S. government will terminate the special warranty measures as soon as possible

In recent years, some countries led by the United States have put forward anti-dumping, countervailing investigations and punitive trade protection measures against China's tire exports, which have affected China's tire exports to varying degrees. For details of the case, see the case table of tire anti-dumping, countervailing and special protection cases

from the above cases, it can be seen that China's tires suffer more trade frictions in international trade, which increases the pressure and test on the export of enterprises' products

adapt to the changes in the international market and speed up structural adjustment

objectively speaking, there are still unreasonable problems in China's tire structure. Most of the middle and low-grade tires are exported first. They are mainly sold in the replacement market. The added value is low, and the export places are relatively concentrated, which is easy to fall under the pretext of "dumping". In this regard, industries and enterprises should seriously implement the tire industry policy issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and make overall consideration and scientific development from the aspects of policy objectives, product technology policies, market access conditions, investment management, structural adjustment, import and export management, sales and services. At present, industries and enterprises should make great efforts to do a good job in structural adjustment

first, we should focus on independent innovation, adjust the technical structure, adhere to independent innovation and independent brand cultivation, and develop car radial tires to 55, 45 and 40 series, and truck radial tires to 65 and 60 series

second, we should mainly explore new markets and adjust the market structure. We should not only consolidate the old markets, but also develop emerging markets. There should be a reasonable proportion of domestic and foreign market sales

third, focus on energy conservation and emission reduction, and encourage the development of energy-saving, safe and environmental friendly high-performance green radial tires. Develop tubeless and wide base all steel radial tires for large passenger cars and trucks, develop low profile passenger radial tires and light truck radial tires, develop giant engineering radial tires, and compare their corresponding melting action, tox, OIT with the reference values of new plastic bottles of this brand, large civil aviation radial tires and agricultural radial tires. Restrict the development of ordinary passenger radial tires above 65 series and control the development of truck radial tires with inner tubes, and phase out bias tires

fourth, focus on promoting collectivization, adjust the industrial organization structure, and form two to three enterprises with annual sales of more than US $4billion to enter the world's top ten tires, so as to improve the competitiveness of the international market; Support tire enterprises to integrate product resources through mergers and acquisitions, jointly develop and manufacture new products, and improve industrial concentration; Encourage competitive enterprises to go global, implement overseas mergers and acquisitions, set up factories and plant rubber, participate in international industrial division and international operation, and gradually realize the transformation from product export to brand export

in terms of independent brand building, many enterprises basically have their own engineering technology research and development system. All steel radial tires have cultivated their own brands. Although the establishment of semi steel radial tires started late, the development momentum is still good, but there is still a certain gap between domestic brands and world-famous brands in the domestic and export market. Therefore, tire enterprises should do a good job in the combination of production, study and research, and pay attention to technological progress and new product research and development; We should innovate independently, integrate the enterprise brand, product brand and entrepreneur brand, and form a good image of the enterprise; China Rubber Industry Association organizes to recommend brands, expand the influence of tire brands, and win reputation in domestic and foreign markets

effective response to ensure the safety of export products

1. Strengthen communication and reduce trade frictions

first, it is suggested that relevant national departments should increase bilateral economic and trade interaction, strengthen communication and cooperation, properly handle international trade frictions through equal dialogue and consultation, and create a good foreign trade environment

second, it is suggested that relevant national departments urge relevant countries to cancel trade discrimination policies against China, pay high attention to some countries taking trade protectionism measures against China by taking advantage of trade imbalances, give play to the role of government coordination, prevent in advance and respond effectively

third, establish an early warning mechanism for trade frictions. China Rubber Industry Association has established a public relations department, which is specifically responsible for responding to the lawsuit, guiding enterprises to adopt appropriate publicity and lobbying methods, and strive to achieve good results in responding to the lawsuit

2. Strengthen self-discipline and regulate exports

China, as the largest producer and exporter of tires in the world, has increased the price of exported tires in recent years, but it is far from enough. In January this year, the increase in the delivery value of China's exported tires was higher than that of the export delivery volume, but some enterprises and traders still exported them at a lower price. As a result, the tires they worked hard to make were exported at a low price. The money was earned by others, and in turn, they were sued for dumping, which was not worth the loss. Therefore, we should ensure the reasonable export price of "rising tide and rising ship" according to the market law. For more than two years, although the U.S. special safeguard measures have had a certain impact on China's tire industry, due to the positive response measures taken by the industry and enterprises, the damage is not as serious as originally estimated, and the market exported to the United States needs to be gradually restored. But at the same time, we should also realize that the special warranty case is the price of China's tire industry to become bigger and stronger. In the future, dealing with international trade disputes will become a daily work, and enterprises must learn to protect themselves

① it is hoped that the competent government departments will rectify and standardize the order of export trade and take strong measures to reverse the situation of thousands of households' exports and low-cost competition in view of the low access conditions for tire exports and the chaotic export market. It is suggested to cancel the foreign trade operation rights of some enterprises and traders with poor product quality, low export price and poor reputation

② request the state to support the export business activities of advantageous enterprises, establish an independent international marketing system and a win-win development strategy, and minimize the losses caused by the "double anti" and special protection cases

③ enterprises should export high value-added green tires, and avoid and reduce the occurrence of tire special insurance and "double reverse" cases through price self-discipline. At the same time, we should be good at making rational use of international rules, avoiding technical measures such as trade protection, and ensuring the safety of export products

④ enterprises should take measures to diversify their products and markets in the international market. They should not put eggs in one basket. They should export through multiple channels according to the different needs of different countries, provide one-stop technical services of production, supply and marketing, and win the trust of dealers and end users

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