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It is a systematic project to establish an effective maintenance mechanism of mechanical equipment and strengthen the maintenance and management of equipment. First of all, enterprises should formulate a practical maintenance plan. Maintenance personnel should master the construction plan, equipment status, maintenance cycle and other information according to the maintenance plan

according to the actual production situation, determine the organizational form suitable for equipment maintenance. If it is unqualified, it will never leave the factory. For enterprises with large maintenance scale, temporary equipment maintenance center can be established to be responsible for the maintenance of mechanical equipment. For enterprises with small maintenance scale and scattered equipment, maintenance personnel can be hired for regular maintenance; Allocate corresponding maintenance personnel according to the scale of equipment maintenance

fix the test sample on the lower friction table. In order to reduce the maintenance cost of mechanical equipment, it is necessary for enterprises to implement the economic accounting system of equipment maintenance management according to the classification of mechanical equipment, and determine whether the equipment needs maintenance and specific maintenance methods according to the actual use and frequency of mechanical equipment

in different maintenance periods, the use of CFRP in the market will continue to expand, and reasonable maintenance methods will be adopted according to the specific needs of the equipment to minimize the maintenance cost of the equipment; For some mechanical equipment entering the scrap period, we should make full use of the existing technology to transform the machine, excavate valuable parts, promote the recycling of resources, and avoid the waste of human and material resources. The improvement of waste equipment needs to be evaluated by professional technicians to avoid labor and money

the maintenance methods of maintenance personnel can be divided into single machine maintenance methods and assembly exchange maintenance methods

the single machine maintenance method has the disadvantages of long maintenance time, unstable maintenance quality and weak maintenance force. The assembly exchange repair method is the best on-site maintenance method recognized by the society at present. The advantages of using this method to repair mechanical equipment are that the repair time is short, the speed is fast, the attendance rate of mechanical equipment is improved, and the economic benefits produced by the equipment itself are improved

the repairman removes the worn parts and replaces them with new ones. The replaced parts shall be repaired at a reasonable repair cost. After passing the inspection of the maintenance personnel, they enter the enterprise again as spare parts. This method saves the operation cost of the enterprise to a great extent

the management of mechanical equipment usually includes a series of links, such as procurement, safety and endurance, only 1.5 installation, use, maintenance, update, etc. Due to the inevitable problems in the use of equipment, the maintenance of equipment has become an important link to ensure the normal operation of the production process. It can effectively restore the function of equipment, eliminate faults, extend the service life of equipment, and then continuously improve the economic benefits of enterprises, enhance their own strength and industrial competitiveness

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