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The essence and trend of JDF (I)

I Preface: Recently, many media and exhibitions often disclose the situation of JDF, which has become a hot topic. Here I want to review its origin and future trend for the reference of insiders. Since the publication of CIP4 in 2000, it has been developed as a standard format to express the overall operation information of printing engineering by Adobe system in the United States, agfa1 in Belgium, 2 sets of standard fixtures in our daily life, MAN Roland in Germany and Heidelberg. It includes all the work of data management, planning and business support. 2. Data sharing between the processes of removing antirust grease from exposed surfaces. Using XML, it can also correspond to the standards of PDF or pjtf of adobe system company in the United States. Four years ago, the drupa exhibition showed a comprehensive introduction to JDF from ordering to engineering management system, which really had an impact on the printing industry beyond DTP, making the printing industry excited. Let's define its meaning as the format of job data. The introduction of JDF has indeed brought vitality and vitality to the printing industry, but unfortunately JDF has not been widely used. However, in order to survive and win in the future, it is necessary to change the old business forms, renew ideas and change the production structure. For this reason, the essence of JDF is further described here, so that it can be helpful for production operations after understanding. II The necessity of operating information the printing industry has been recognized as an information industry, but its internal information system has not yet reached the ideal, it is better to say that it lags behind other industries. The two key words often heard are "short delivery period" and "price competition", which can be considered from the perspective of business intelligence. The so-called short delivery time refers to the extremely short time from receipt to delivery. It is often unable to abide by the agreement at the time of receipt. The so-called production refers to the production and plan determined in advance. If the original production plan cannot be guaranteed without the daily process, then the short delivery time has become a very difficult problem for printing enterprises. In a word, we should pay attention to whether the receiving contract agreed with the customer can be carried out accurately and whether the best production plan can be formulated in the shortest time. As for price competition, there are also problems of the same nature. Respond to the contents of the order, and wait until the standard business is determined. The same operation can also be used for short delivery time, small batch work, and a large number of high-quality products. All these can be solved immediately by relying on our own efforts. Blindly reducing the wages without foundation is tantamount to putting a noose on ourselves, and we'd better give up. It should be thought that if you accept the order according to the production cost without guarantee, you will encounter a situation of joy and sorrow. You should pull out of this quagmire as soon as possible. It can't be said that the printing industry is incompetent in operation. What should be said is to get rid of the confusion of market competition as soon as possible. All enterprises should consider the extent of adoption according to the following information. From a financial point of view: ● the cumulative amount of orders at that time, the purchase amount

● the scheduled payment amount of the current month, Cash balance

● inventory of equipment and products

● credit balance from the point of view of production: ● operation status of all operators

● operation status of printing press

● progress of ordered products

from the point of view of customers: ● individual profit and loss status of accepting orders

● product inventory status

● progress of dealing with annual budget

● delivery period and abnormal conditions. The above is only A part of general business intelligence, if you want to know the status of information immediately, can be said to be an excellent business intelligence system. Of course, all kinds of detailed information also include the information held by the Department Manager, so that it can become the material for the production workshop and the operator to judge things with the same yardstick. The so-called business intelligence is not that you don't understand it before receiving the report, but that you rely on your own actions to obtain what you want to know when you want to know it. The thinking and system of operators should be timely and low deviation transformation. After accepting the order, the business adjustment with customers and cooperative companies should not spend too much time in this regard, but should focus on the effect that can create continuous benefits from a more strategic perspective. When all the information is gathered, how to take care of it is the task that the operator should undertake. III The essence of JDF is as mentioned above. Business must need information, but it takes a lot of time and manpower (= cost) to obtain information. It is meaningless to get expired information. In fact, there is a system to obtain such business information, but to obtain the unique information of printing companies involving many projects, huge investment and closed system are the premise. So what are the benefits of relying on JDF? That is, the information format from business to post press engineering has been unified. And its format is expressed by XML, which can adapt to open systems. According to the situation, it may be a very personal format for printing companies that are using XML. In short, it makes people feel that JDF has made the intelligence of all projects unified and realistic. JDF is a unified printing method format in the printing industry. It is neither for sale nor for sale. Once its essence is mistaken, it will fall back to the era of equipment industry. Even if you have gathered the machines corresponding to JDF, don't rely on machines to casually obtain business intelligence and make business judgments. Because it is not something that directly generates profits, nor is it something that prevents mistakes. It is only necessary to turn the information required by the operation into effective content and get it in time, which completely depends on the ability of the operator. JDF is essential as a basic means to differentiate from competitive companies or to outperform other industries. IV The application of JDF from partial optimization to overall optimization can completely change the production engineering of printing companies. As for printing companies, in order to make efficiency, internalization and ensure profits, they have made various investments in machinery and equipment in the past. Take plate making equipment for example. In the 1980s, although the layout and color separation machines and recording media that appeared on the market were completely different from the current situation, due to the various synthetic processing of the number code effect, the printing machine has been improved and equipped with the function of reducing manual work, which promoted the speed and stability, It is convenient to adopt the standardization of operation. For example, printing companies have actively invested in machines for many years in order to improve production efficiency, which is certainly not wrong. In fact, it is only optimized in various projects. However, it can be seen from the recent situation that customers require to reduce wages and speed up the corresponding market requirements that the optimization effect of the original investment in various projects is gradually weakening. First of all, the said printed matter basically becomes the final product through several projects, which is easy to cause small piston damage and oil leakage, and the final production volume constitutes the total processing volume. In order to increase the total processing capacity, it is necessary to maintain a balanced speed in the whole project. At present, when the balance is out of balance in most cases, it should be adjusted with the assistance of the cooperative company. However, in order to ensure stable quality and recover fixed fees, we should also face the direction of promoting internalization. As long as we grasp the maximum processing capacity and productivity bottleneck in the company, we will determine the projects that do not need to be rash in equipment investment at present, and the projects that need to give priority to equipment investment. It is precisely the operators who need to obtain the information of this kind of business judgment. It is sometimes difficult to emphasize internalization. As an effective application of JDF, the overall optimization with external partner companies and material purchasing partners will enter the field of vision, which can be said that JDF is XML, SCM and EDI. Just like customers, as long as they are included in the best circle, it will become a completely different business model from before. JDF is the best mode to jump out of the framework within the company

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