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At present, about 20% of instrument and meter enterprises are still losing money. Introduction: Xi Jiacheng, honorary chairman of China Instrument and meter industry association, said that the instrument and meter industry has entered a new period in which a few enterprises have developed rapidly, most enterprises have maintained a flat or low-speed growth, and about 20% of enterprises have lost money

according to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics, the manufacturing industry of instruments and meters such as smart meters achieved a main revenue of 607.47 billion yuan in August, an increase of 15.5% year-on-year, while the proportion of plastic granulation performance consumption in China in the total industrial energy consumption is almost 1.5% higher than that in the UK; The profit from main activities was 43.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.8%

although the trend of the instrument industry this year is relatively good, Xi Jiacheng, honorary chairman of the China Instrument Industry Association, recently reminded that the era of continuous double-digit growth in production, sales and profits of most enterprises has passed, and the industry has entered a new period in which a few enterprises develop rapidly, most enterprises grow at a flat or low speed, and about 20% of enterprises lose money

after years of rapid development, since 2008, affected by the international financial crisis, the order volume of China's instrument industry has decreased sharply. According to the industrial data of the first 10 months released by the National Bureau of Statistics recently, the growth rate of instrument manufacturing industry ranks first. Xi Jiacheng said that this means that the instrument industry has recovered from the crisis and entered a slow recovery period

since this year, the growth rate of the instrument industry has been higher than that of most manufacturing industries, which is mainly driven by the national policies and measures to promote economic restructuring, support scientific and technological progress, and pay attention to people's livelihood after each experiment. Specifically, the production and sales account for about 40% of the whole industry. The situation of receiving customers' inquiries or purchasing accessories is the most. Due to the rising demand for industrial transformation, the growth rate of industrial automation instrumentation and control system. Qu Jinping's scientific research team carried out research on polymer processing technology based on tensile rheology, which is 2 percentage points higher than that of the whole industry; Instruments for agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, education, vehicles, medical treatment, etc. increased by more than 20%; Scientific instruments such as electronics and experimental analysis increased by nearly 20%

while the growth rate of production and sales rebounded, the profit growth rate of the main activities of the industry was not high. Some experts believe that there are many reasons for this. First of all, labor costs are rising rapidly, and management and operating expenses remain high, resulting in the cost growth of the industry higher than the production and marketing growth. Secondly, the demand of most enterprises is not booming, and the economies of scale are declining. The industrialization of high-tech products is only effective in a few enterprises. In addition, one third of the profits in 20 sub industries have negative year-on-year growth or low growth, among which optical instruments, exploration seismic instruments, meteorological and marine instruments all have double-digit negative growth; The growth rate of experimental analysis and supply instruments is only 3% to 7%

at present, the domestic instrument industry is facing fierce market competition, and the gap with the international advanced level is still obvious. It is understood that the weakness of the whole industry is mainly manifested in two aspects. On the one hand, the progress in the field of industrial automation is mostly concentrated in the measurement and control equipment for process industry, while the sensors, controllers, servo systems, control software and other devices suitable for discrete industry have weak foundation and slow development, which will seriously affect the development of automation, digitization and intelligence in China's manufacturing industry. On the other hand, scientific instruments are small in quantity and difficult in technology, while foreign product technology and application maturity are high. Except for individual varieties, domestic high-end products have made few breakthroughs

like many manufacturing industries, low product quality, backward production mode and low efficiency are common problems of most instrument enterprises. Xi Jiacheng said that with the implementation of the policy of integration of industrialization and industrialization, the above situation began to change. Enterprises in the industrial automation and electrical instrument industries made rapid progress and achieved initial results. Some enterprises have set up information-based institutions and full-time personnel, and hired foreign technical experts for guidance at a high salary. Enterprises that started early and have a foundation have begun to promote the informatization of production process in combination with modern production mode, and take this as the core to establish an enterprise information-based management system, and implement production to order and traceable production, so as to improve the connotation and quality and deal with a new round of competition

as for the trend of the whole year, relevant experts in the industry predict that, if the export is unintentional, the annual production and sales growth of the industry will exceed the predicted value at the beginning of the year by 16%, reaching about 18%

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